Choppin the Top of 701

We couldn’t quite get our design to clear the bump no matter how we shifted the weight so, at the final hour we called on our tools for one last job. We chopped the top of our robot down about 7 inches. luckily clearance wasn’t an issue except for the cRio which will be flipped into the spot of former Jaguars which were removed. Our Kicker and Roller remain in amazing shape and should do fantastic at competition. :smiley:



I know the feeling! Last year our robot was overweight on ship day so we had to take a reciprocating saw to all of our aluminum to transform it all from square tube to c-channel.
Anyways, I like the profile. It looks menacing!

Very cool looking. Put a gun on it and sell it to the Army :slight_smile:

How are you planning on mounting side bumpers on that?

We were 20 pounds underweight before we even chopped, and yeah we think it looks like a tank too, it sure has the power like that, we have to have people hold our bumps together when we tested going over cause it would push them apart.

The holes weren’t drilled in the first picture but that middle piece of C has 2 holes on each side to bolt on side bumpers.

Do you have another frame piece that bolts onto that middle C?

If you mount a bumper on that piece it won’t be outside the frame perimeter.

No, it sits outside the frame when bolted on there, just hard to tell from the pictures.

Ahh the bottom curve must be creating an optical illusion. If it matches the bottom frame then those axles and cotter pins may be outside the perimeter.

The title for this thread made me think about a possible new MTV show: “Pimp my Robot”.

Great job getting the job done!

Looks good.

I don’t see how you were unable to get over the bump. Were you flipping over? :confused:

Our robot is 5’ tall and its almost unflippable.

Reminds me of when we put the top of our Lunacy 'bot through a bandsaw, good times, good times…

Yeah we kept flipping no matter what we did, whether it was the way our chassis was designed, or weight distribution, regardless it didnt pan out so we had to chop it, we still expect to do great though, because our roller and kicker are really consistent.