Christmas Cards @ ChiefDelphi?

Hey guys.

I was thinking… you know, as a college student, it’s a small triumph to receive mail. Even if it’s junk mail… to know something is in your mailbox, for YOU, is a lot of fun!

That, and obviously, everyone likes getting a letter or two. I still have to buy my Christmas cards for this season… would anyone be interested in a Christmas card trade? (I realize maybe everyone is not of the same religion, so maybe I should say ‘Holiday Card Trade’…)

Let’s say I collected addresses from the first 25-30 people that PMed me, and made a big list, and sent it to the people on that list. Then we could all exchange cards. What do you think? Another webcommunity I am on is doing this, and I’m excited.


Good Idea. I’m in!

Good idea!

I’m up for it!

Sounds Fun! Count me in.

I’m down.


You already have an up for it and a down, so I guess I’ll have to be sideways…

If there are a lot of college students participating, and they use their college addresses, you will have to send the list out soon so that people can get started right away… and the cards can get there before winter break!


I’m in :slight_smile:

Beam me up Scotty.

Gregory and I are planning on doing our first “Holiday” cards together this year. Count us in, sounds like a great idea.

It’s a really nice idea but I see it as highly inefficient. It is a card exchanged for a card; but these cards are exchanged over hundreds if not thousands of miles. Just the cost in fuel for planes and trucks to deliver these cards is enourmous, not to mention the salaries for the people driving these trucks and flying these planes. If everybody just kept their money and bought themselves cards, everyone would avoid the cost of postage, the post office would avoid the cost of fuel and employees, and everyone would still have a card.

This is a prime example of why more people should practice the “selfish Christmas” See, it is just a big swapping party anyhow, so if everyone just bought something for themselves, they would all end up with exactly what they wanted. :slight_smile:

you can count me in now…

Cout me up from the rear. :]

Hey, Ebeneezer, don’t be alarmed when three ghosts visit you within the next few weeks.


I am in for some cards.

Andy B.

Hmm … somehow I think it would be more fun to get a few Christmas cards from other people instead of writing out “Merry Christmas, Kaite!” to myself a dozen times. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah yes, but the joy you get from knowing you made someone happy, plust the joy of getting something yourself is always greater than that of buying something for yourself. Even if you think you are saving them time and money, it’s still not as much joy.

Oh, the horror! :eek: If we all did that, then those poor people driving those trucks and flying those planes and all of those postal employees would be laid off because there was no work for them to do… and the fuel companies would have to raise their costs all around to make up for the loss… everyone would suffer…

I think a smile is well worth the cost of a card and a stamp! And I love giving presents, yes, I love it more than receiving presents (though I do like that part too, I’m not completely unselfish!).


soooo don’t do it then :slight_smile:

Who’s Kaite and why would you want to write her a card? :wink:

Whoa whoa whoa! I just asked if it was a good idea… I guess I’m roped in now.

Alright. When it gets to be too much, I’ll put a cap on it. I was going to limit it to 25 names, but right now we’ll say 30. (Save your money for stamps, folks!)

The first 30 to PM me with their address gets on the list. PM me with the subject line ‘Christmas’, it’ll make it all easier to sort through.
(And I guess I’ll include those of you that jumped the gun!)


Hee hee… some of us who jumped the gun are probably too used to team members making good suggestions that everyone loves but no one follows up on… so we’ve kind of learned how to trick people into taking on the projects they suggest… :smiley: