Christmas Memories

There was a thread on a different forum I visit, entitled “What are your favorite Christmas Memories”…and I thought it’d be cool to have this go on here also.

So, post your favorite christmas memory(ies).

Hmm. Christmas memories. I guess what stands out most is my family’s somewhat geekish tendencies- my brother and I send our Christmas lists to “santa” (little bro is 9) as powerpoint presentations.


That is so cool!

I wish I thought of sending Powerpoint pres.'s when I was young :smiley:

I don’t really have a [favorite] Christmas memory though…which bites.

Years ago with 1st husband yet again rescuing his parents/siblings, everyone broke, we went out xmas eve to get tree, tree lot owner had left saying rest of trees were free, running thru tree lot in the rain to get free tree.

mm… even though everybody prefer to spend their christmas with their family… mine was quiet different two years ago… i decided to get together with three of my friends… and go out of the town… it was very fun…

i dont think thats a christmas memory… but i guess its something that is not common…

Every Christmas Eve my father would take us out to look at lights. We would drive around for about 2 hours, always stopping at 7-11 for hot chocolate somewhere in the middle. If we hit a really good neighborhood, we would get out and walk around (got to see Santa go by on a fire engine in one neighborhood). Later I found out the real reason he took us all out was to give my mother, who had spent the entire day with four over excited kids, a break. We stopped doing this after my sister got married and my brothers just got bored with it… so now I have Eric drive around (usually not for two hours, though) so I can look at lights!


funniest: the ultimate smackdown: Cat vs tree…

Back when I was 11 (or 12…can’t remember exactly) I opened up a christmas present on Christmas Day and it was a Swiss Army Knife. It was my favorite present until later that morning I was playing with my super nintendo and I pulled open the can/bottle opener to check that out and the defective part didn’t lock in place like it should have and it shot back and put a deep cut into my left pointer finger. So I spent 2 hrs in the emergency room on Christmas Day sitting next to a kid who cut his hand (really bad) that morning working in his garage and I will always remember what he said to me, “I think we are the only idiots in history that will ever spend Christmas Day in the ER getting deep cuts taken care of that were caused by christmas presents”

Has to be my uncle reading ‘The night before christmas’ every year. He reads it to the whole side of my family, and still does even though the youngest person there is 16. Most of mu cousins are now mid-late 20s.
It’s great cause my uncle over emphasizes everything and ad-libs alot.

Recently, I listen to the Chef Perry CD every christmas. It’s hilarious. Go to here to get it

I think my best memories come from Christmases when my brother and I were very little. A couple days before Christmas, we’d pull everything out to decorate: bags of misshapen, homemade ornaments from Girl Scouts days, Andy’s preschool wonders, our ages-old barren tree, etc. (No fancy ornaments for this family… unless they were made with popsicle sticks and glitter.) We had an old record player with a tape deck, and we’d always play this homemade tape of Beach Boys and Barbara Streisand Christmas music, and run around the house like little maniacs.

One Christmas in particular, though, Andy got a tricycle. Too little to pedal it yet, he climbed aboard and promptly fell off with a giggle. That same Christmas, when asked about another newly opened present, he replied happily, ‘Gocks!’ (Socks.)

i remember one christmas when i was about 5 or 6 (and small for my age), there was a HUGE box under the tree. i remember that i kept hoping it was one of those jeeps that you can “drive for real”, the barbie kind (except i wanted the boy one cause i didn’t like pink) and when i opened it… it was an enourmouse doll house!, only thing is, i ended up playing with the box more than the actual doll house. :cool: i was in that box all day everyday. i would draw on the sides, and play rocket ship and pirate, and pretend it was a cave, and even when i wasn’t playing with the actual box, i would play IN the box… like coloring or whatever i did when i was a kid. my mom even had to make a little bed in it cause i insisted on sleeping in it. :stuck_out_tongue: it lasted for a few weeks surprisingly. i’d have to say that was one of the best presents ever.

Soooooo many good Christmas memories! I just love this time of year!

Every year when we decorate the Christmas tree we have super thick chocolate milkshakes that my Dad makes. Seems silly to have such a cold beverage in the winter, but we enjoy it :slight_smile:

Every year I pick one of the uglier ornaments I made as a little kid (although when I was a kid I thought they were pretty :stuck_out_tongue: ) and I put it somewhere on the front of the tree and see how long it takes my Mom to find it and move it to the back of the tree again. :smiley:

When my brother and I were little we would always insist on playing our Care Bears Christmas record on Christmas morning while we were opening our presents.

With my very strong and close roots in my German heritage, Christmas is “the holiday season” for us. With our season starting the weekend prior to Thanksgiving through January 6th, it is packed full of special days. Some of my fondest memories are St. Nicholas Day on December 6th, and the greatness of die zweite Weihnachten (Boxing Day/ 2nd Day of Christmas).

… looking forward to even more xmas memories. :smiley: