Christmas presents? Robotics related?

So what did everyone get for christmas this year? Did you get anything robotics related like a box of sprockets and roller chain from your parents :smiley: , or maybe a VEX kit?

hahaha… not from my parents, but my gf did buy me a chain and sprocket kit. haha… I love her. Oh yea, my parents also bought me plexi glass so I can use it with VEX robot I am working on right now. :slight_smile:

None of mine are yet…I did get a Gerber last year, that could count.

I bought my brother a Leatherman Juice S2. :slight_smile:

I bought a speed controller and reciever with x-mas money.(non first bots- for “Rapid Assault” on the site linked in my sig)

Well, I got a couple of things that might be handy…

  1. Money. (Getting to Florida and/or the Championship isn’t particularly cheap, you know.)
  2. More RAM and a cable lock for my iBook, which might get handy for some other things.
  3. A ColdHeat soldering iron and wire stripper. (Which was a total surprise, but might be handy come build.)

Teddles got a VEX kit and decided it would be funny to wrap gift cards for my mother and I in old hard drives.

(haha, I got to post it before you did :p)

FIRST hoodie, FIRST pen, FIRST saftely glasses holder. And a few things for my laptop. (Which I use for FIRST programming. :))

I got a real nice multimeter, PC interface with a single channel o-scope and everything :smiley:

I got a digital camera (Nikon 4600) that I can use at competition to take photos and record video. Still working on getting an iPod though, my birthday is in March though, so there is hope to have one for Atlanta.

New multimeter, digital calipers, a wifi PCMCIA card for my laptop, a really nice soldering iron and… a cat. I know, that last one doesn’t really fit the rest of the list, but oh well, good stuff all.

Nothing robotics related.

I did get clothes including a new hat, and I really needed a new hat. :wink: I did get detail accessories to go on my 8’ x 13’ HO train layout in the basement.

I used my year end bonus to buy a post war Lionel engine and tank car from the store where my father works. They have already been cleaned up, oiled, new motor brushes on the engine and are running under the Christmas tree on the layout I have under there. Since I have no space for a permanent O scale layout Christmas is the only time I get to run my O and O27 scale equipment. I also ordered some parts for the Mustang from National Parts Depot (NPD) and some more tools from Eastwoods, a place that offers some good restoration supplies.

I got hunting stuff, a digital camera and a wireless keyboard and mouse. The best thing was the new drill/flashlight combo kit and ratcheting box end wrenches.

Oh and 225$ total from my family. :smiley:

My dad works at First Americam Title Insurance(national corporation or something) and at the christmas party they gave out a 512 mb Ipod shuffle to all their employees

I recieved a Chicken Chucker from a cousin (I spent most of today figuring out how to launch the chicken to the advertised 15 feet consistently). I also recieved Macromedia Studio 8 Academic Version (website award here we come!).

$65 (65! Haa Haa! I thought that was pretty cool!) in Radio Shack Gift Cards from my relatives. Guess what I’m gonna buy with them!!!
Hint: they have to do with a thing that starts with a V. :stuck_out_tongue:

Merry Christmas everybody!!!

I got this. I think I am going to exchange it for an iPod tomorrow though since thats what I asked for…both are pretty cool though I jsut want the iPod more.

Variable resistance something or other?? :rolleyes:

Anyways, not a lot of mine were robotics related, except two movies from my Grandmother…

I, Robot, and Robots.

I think there was a theme there. :slight_smile:

Just watched the movie Robots, with the clue dancing around in the back of my head, and boy oh boy do I have even more leads.

Darn generic clues.

I got some cool new safety glasses.

ummmm well robotics related presents i got was a new stereo for my room, an i pod nano and indy 500 tickets.