Chrysler Foundation 2013 FRC Video

Check out this great video made by the Chrysler Foundation at Grand Blanc District featuring The Killer Bees, Fighting Pi, Adambots, More Martians, and Wings of Fire.

(watch to the very end…awesome :slight_smile: )

Awesome! Indeed! :slight_smile:

This is great! I know you had something to do with this. You’re the man, Jim!

As an alumni of 33, it was awesome to see something like this put together. Because of the amazing mentors and shop space that Chrysler provides for the Killer Bees, they’ve really have had a major impact on hundreds of students. Pam and Tim are two of the greatest mentors that I’ve ever worked with in FIRST, so it was awesome to see them featured in this video. Look for them at Champs! Especially Pam: she usually makes an appearance during Awards Ceremony. :wink: