chrysler foundation?????

The Chrysler Foundation is one of our biggest sponsors and they help many teams across the country. Now with them stating that they are going to gear their support towards non- profits that feed,clothes and house people i think alot of teams will have to really step up their fundraising. I hope someone in the know will inform teams what will happen this year as soon as possible. Thank you FiM for starting when you did because i believe with out the new system in michigan many teams would just call it quits.

I don’t know how much it is to be a Platinum Partner but they seen to have enough

Chrysler’s going to have to do a lot more cutting back than just stating which organizations they are going to be supporting with their current financial situation…

If it is a true “Foundation”, than it is separate from the company itself.
How it affects it, it is that it will not get new capital, so it will need to preserve capital, and use the gains from the investment of capitals to accomplish their mission.