[CHS] 2016 Registration

Seems to be a fair bit of chatter about CHS registration in Marks general 2016 registration thread and wanted to pull that out and focus here.

I think Doswell is going to pop full real fast at the next registration.

FYI, CHS is going to prioritize 3rd plays over interdistrict play.

Source: 9/21/2015 Newsletter
November 12th at noon: Inter-district registration opens. All teams registering for inter-district play will be placed on waitlists until all the in-district third play registrations are completed.

Interdistrict events are going to be a rare thing, unless something significant changes in the general structure of things.

As expected, NOVA is filling up the fastest. With as few extra spots as we have I expect to there to be 8 events next year which should help spread the week 1 registrations out.

Agree with you there. Edgewater is almost as centrally-located and is also the last week of the Chesapeake districts, so I suspect it’ll quickly fill too.

Wish Blacksburg wasn’t the same week as Bethesda, but eh, what can ya do.