CHS Bunnybots 2019

Team 449 is proud to present the 2019 CHS Bunnybots game, Flying Bunnies! View the manual here.

The event will take place on December 14th. Registration and other info can be found here. There are only seven more spots available, so don’t wait to sign up! Registration closes on October 1st.

Be sure to also check out Team 1540’s Bunnybots game and event! Info can be found on their website and Chief Delphi announcement.

Hope to see you there!


Thanks folks for expanding Bunnybots to the Chesapeake region. For those on the other coast, you can find info on the PNW version of Bunnybots at These are different games so make sure you get the right one!


Hopefully I’ll come join in the fun with the team and or volunteer

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Can we have a picture of the goal? I’m not quite sure of the construction and where the vision targets are and such

Weston, I see you’re on SERT, you probably want info on PNW Bunnybots, this thread is for the Chesapeake Bunnybots competition which is 2800 miles away and a completely different game. Here’s the PNW Bunnybots site that Dale linked earlier. :wink:

For CHS folks here’s a direct link to the CAD for the CHS Bunnybots field, and here’s a pic of the goal setup:

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Lol yeah I know but I still love thinking about designs for all kinda of games, yours included. And if I had a question, there were probably others wondering the same thing :slight_smile: