CHS New Championship format

Now that the 2019 season has ended, I wanted to ask some questions concerning the announcement that the 2020 CHS Championship will now have 80 teams. That’s approximately 2/3 of the entire district. Is this about average for other districts?

Were any teams aware of this move? How is play going to go with two fields?

In general, what’s the thoughts of the CHS teams to this move? I can’t say if it’s good or not, I don’t have enough information


Hey, CHS team here but here’s my take on it.

This will be a good bit less competitive leading up to the comp. My team would’ve kinda easily qualled. There will be less stress to get your team to districts. The finals matches will be played on one of the fields and it’ll probably be split into 2 divisions that the best alliances from play each other.

I really don’t see the need for this change, and don’t particularly like it.


I think 2/3 of the district may be the highest, Indiana is the only one around that (maybe they let in more than 2/3, unsure of their exact numbers). Ontario lets in around half and Michigan lets in a bit less than a third.

there are several reasons for doing this; One of them is financial. Regardless of the reasons, more teams equals more inspiration and that is totally ok with me.

How good will the scouts be next year? that’s the real question.

Definitely not the case for FNC, where the DCMP has about 1/3 of the district’s teams. It’s essentially the same size as the district qualifier events, so things are pretty consistent.

Can you share the reasons why this was done?
From afar it seems a bit odd.

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Man, can’t wait to have the ability to miss out on playing with half the teams in the district because rng slaps us in a random division. I also can’t wait for crazy lopsided divisions that more or less determine the finals. I would love to hear the reason that pushed us to needing 2 divisions when the district hasn’t significantly grown for the last few years.


Here’s a comparison of district proportional representation over time

Data here.

If expanding to 80 teams from ~60 can help alleviate some of Chesapeake’s financial woes I’m all for it.

Data here.


those would all be valid, if there were primarily a robotics competition. There’s battlebots or Vex if you are looking for that.

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How about we switch the name from district champs to district celebration and I will agree with you. I don’t think reducing the district champs event to a district event adds inspiration to be honest. You could argue the same amount of “inspiration” could be gained by adding another district event and make signing up for a 3rd play easier.


FRC would be a real great program if all the teams who cared about competition left for VEX, don’t you think? /s


we’ve had this conversation before in a different setting and I see no reason to do it all again. You have your position and I have mine. My position holds. If folks want to go to Vex for a “competition” take a look at their world event and get back to me. It was interesting to say the least.

ONT dcmp has two divisions with 40 teams each. Matches are alternated between the fields (Science division sets up for a match while Technology division plays, then vice versa) unless something happens with one, in which case they may jump to the other to save time. For elims, each division has its own playoff bracket, then the winning alliances play a best of 3 series at the end.


to get this back on track…

From what I understand, only gives CHS $1k for each of the first 64 teams that sign up for DCMP. CHS gets to keep everything from every teams past 64. It’s good financial sense for them to do this until they can negotiate a more equitable arrangement with FIRST HQ.

CHS gets nothing for the first 64 teams.

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I think it’s $1K of initial registration fees. Nothing from DCMP fees.

The $1K number is also something I’ve heard from other districts and may or may not be accurate for CHS. The contract between CHS and FIRST isn’t public, so we don’t know for sure.

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Can you give me a source for this? This seems hard to believe

Jim Zondag references it here: paper: FAQs Regarding the FRC District Competition System. As far as I’m aware, it’s true for all district systems other than PNW, who has their own funding arrangement with FIRST.

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You play with a maximum of 26 other teams out of 58 at district champs already, is this really that much of an issue?

This at least shouldn’t happen in theory, I believe we’ll be using the same distribution algorithm that Michigan and Ontario have been using: