[CHS] Northern Virginia

I’m excited to head up to FIRST Chesapeake’s first district event Friday!


Facebook Event:


116 - Epsilon Delta
539 - Titanrobotics
611 - Saxons
612 - Chantilly Robotics
614 - Night Hawks
619 - Cavalier Robotics
620 - Warbots
623 - Cougar Robotics
888 - Robotiators
1111 - Power Hawks
1123 - AIM Robotics
1418 - Vae Victis
1629 - Garrett Coalition (GaCo)
1719 - The Umbrella Corporation
1731 - Fresta Valley Robotics Club
1895 - Lambda Corps
2068 - Metal Jackets
2186 - Dogs of Steel
2363 - Triple Helix
2421 - RTR Team Robotics
2534 - The Lakers
2911 - CoolBots
2988 - RoboGenesis
3274 - Rocktown Robotics
3373 - Team RoboHawk
3455 - Robot Revolution
3872 - Pan-Tech
4242 - Fresh T.E.C.H.
4472 - SuperNOVA
4505 - McDonogh Eagle Robotics
4538 - Enginuity
4541 - CAV-ineers
5243 - Wildcat Robotics
5338 - RoboLoCo
5549 - Gryphons.exe
5569 - Tech Titans
5587 - TC Williams High School
6189 - Cyber Raiders
6236 - Robots at The Center of the Universe

CHS Platter - Northern Virginia

CHS Platter is an anonymous group of FIRST mentors and alumni with the goal of shining the spotlight on the new FIRST Chesapeake District. Thanks to Looking Forward for their insights, and to NE Forecast for the idea to focus on our own district.

The FIRST Chesapeake District is currently comprised of 136 teams from Virginia, the District of Columbia, and Maryland. Week 1 of the 2016 competition season brings us the inaugural FIRST Chesapeake event: Northern Virginia.

Number of Registered Teams: 39
Event page: http://www.firstchesapeake.org/events/district-events/northern-va
Event stream: http://livestream.com/LeeHartman/FirstHaymarket
TBA page: http://www.thebluealliance.com/event/2016vahay

Week 1 brings uncertainty to Northern Virginia. Not only is the weather in question, the move to districts happened quickly and none of the teams in attendance have ever had to compete at an event this small. The change in strategy and the need for scouting will leave some unprepared teams with big changes to make (both robot and team related) before their second event.

The Favorites:

1629 - One of the few Maryland teams to make the trip, 1629 is a Chesapeake powerhouse. With two regional wins and two regional Chairman’s Awards in the past two years, GaCo looks to keep their successful streak alive.

2363 - Coming off a double regional winning year, and a regional win (with 1629) and an Einstein appearance in 2014, Triple Helix is one of the few teams in attendance to reveal their robot, including a hanging mechanism, and mounting points for a shooter. Look for them to lead the charge and be on the first alliance to capture a Tower in the district.

1418 - With an average ranking of 3.67 across three regionals in the past two years, Vae Victus will easily seed high again. Their multiple autonomous modes will be the top of the class in NOVA. With Autonomous Points being the second sort order in the rankings, this will play to their advantage.

1731 - Fresta Valley Robotics Club should not disappoint. With an average rank of 4.25 across four regional events in the past two years, look for 1731 to seed near the top again.

5549 - This Rookie All-Star from 2015 should out-perform most of the veterans. Look for Gryphons.exe to continue their successful career.

Others to watch for:

116 - With their compact design, Epsilon Delta is a favorite for Controls awards.
1111 - The Power Hawks have their eyes on the high goal.

Here’s to hoping the weather plays along nicely…

There are 6 teams which aren’t mentioned here or in LF, probably becomes they haven’t posted pictures of their robots. These teams have won multiple events over the last 4 years. It should also be mentioned that 116 figured out something non-obvious and yet insanely useful for 5-stackers to do last year, nearly winning them the DC regional. There are very creative people on that team…

I’ll see you guys in my Black and White on Saturday.

By the way - Saturday night dance is up to 150 kids…

Will post results of the dance-off once they’re known. :smiley:

2186 is pleased to announce that for the first time since stop build day 2013 our robot can both drive and manipulate the game piece. (Sidenote - do not use 80/20 for your chassis…)

We can bring a wooden low bar and a low goal to add to the practice area, if there’s space. Also, I noticed that PW county is closed for snow tomorrow, including activities, but the fine print says that exceptions may be granted. Is an exception looking likely?

Updates will be posted to http://www.firstchesapeake.org/

Event is a go.

Weather, what weather!!! 1629 is pumped to be attending this district event with so many of our friends there, as we are excited to make new friends as well! It’s almost go time!! Kick the tires and light the fires!!

Crazy final matches! Glad the refs took the time to make the scores right.

Watching the F2, you can see a robot radio on the low bar platform, as it promptly gets run over!

Can’t wait to see F3!

I want to start of by saying that 1885 ILITE Robotics ran a fantastic event. The facility was very nice and logistically I have no complaints about the event at all. Thank you Gail for all of the hard work you and your team put into making the event run smooth.

Congrats to team 116 Epsilon Delta on their Chairman’s win. There was some stiff competition at the event so this was a huge win.

Congrats to 1629 GaCo on the EI win. You guys deserve every bit of it. Fantastic team and one of my favorites in FRC.

Thank you to 1731 Fresta Valley, 1629 GaCo, and 5338 RoboLoco(fantastic 2nd pick btw) on some great finals matches. I’m sick about all of the scoring issues that happened through the final 2 matches. I never like to see alliances think they won just to find out they lost because the live scoring was so poor. Nobody feels good when those situations happen, including the field volunteers. You are some fantastic teams and we will most likely see all three of you on week 6 at the DCMP.

I for one very much enjoyed the first district event of the CHS district. I hope everyone is already seeing the benefits of the change from the Regional model. I know the switch can be difficult with the lack of Thursday practice day and the quick match turnaround, but it is well worth it in the end. Good luck to all of the teams at their second event.

I watched primarily through the stream, and FMS issues aside, it seemed like a really well-done event. Major props to 1885 for putting the whole thing together.

Does anyone have footage of elims - in particular the full field? The ‘field’ issue in F2 stemmed from a bad design detail or improperly-assembled ramp for the high goal boulders. This caused them to jam up, and apparently 5 of them did so in F2.

2363 has a playlist of all of the elims here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbBZ-oKrRYEw0jKrzk5dA19_1d_C20itm

2363, 1418, and 2421, great district win, we made you all earn it, and that you did! Great run.

2363 - Triple Helix - again, it was a please competing with and against you, we always have fun with you all, and you are a great team, dare I say, our favorite team to compete with!!! Great students and mentors.

116 - Congratulations on your CA, that is a great accomplishment!

DISCLAIMER - These are my opinions, and may not reflect the entire team!

As far as the District model, I am not a fan. There seems to be too much crammed into 2 days, and I think it takes the fun away from the competition. It could have been a product of the how long the field reset took (in which they did a great job with what they were given, the GDC will have to take a long hard look at doing that again). Teams should not be forced to play in a district if they would rather play in a regional. I know I will get some rebuttal about the forcing statement, but essentially you are forced to participate or take a chance at getting into a regional after everyone else has selected.

The venue was hard to see unless you were way up in the stands since it was on the same level as the playing field, I like the arenas much better. The only thing I liked about the venue was the parking! Zero security, zero organization, and wayyyyy too much deliberation on any tough decision!

1885, you ran a $@#$@#$@#$@# good event!

One thing is true from my time scorekeeping that event, FMS is a freaking nightmare. Congrats to both finals alliances for the best finals matches anyone could have asked for! Volunteering was a blast for me and I’m looking forward to doing some more!

As someone who has mentored in both district and non district environments, Districts have the distinct advantage of more time on the field for the same entry fee. You’re first event could be a nightmare of broken items or bad matches, and you still have a whole second event to make things better.

F3’s video reveals the discrepancy between the score and a video I saw much later that night. 1731’s high goal shot bounces back out of the high goal just after the 0:50 mark. That’s why the counter was off by 1. It’s similar to 2614’s autonomous shot from the spy position in F2 or F3 of Palmetto - (3.1.4) the shot doesn’t count unless it exits the back of the goal, unfortunately. That was a really tough break.

That’s just brutal.

Some photos.

It wasn’t perfect but given the combination of a being a new district, a week 1 event and the weather drama, I think the event was very well done. Thanks to 1885 (and all the other volunteers) for putting on a great show! From the drumline to the social, the little extras you incorporated really made the event feel special. Your teamwork and dedication are inspiring.

So far I like the district format. On one hand the long days were tough but on the other I love not using 2 days of vacation on a local event. The 25-50% more play time was nice and the smaller event size meant that we got to play with/against the majority of the teams. The smaller event made it feel even more of a “family reunion” than the Virginia Regional normally is but maybe that is just an artifact of having done this for 10 years now. It is nice to have a second event to look forward to correct some fundamental issues and implement some improvements. Looks like CHS DCMP will be really exciting!

I agree. For the teams I work with districts are a good thing but I realize it may not be best for every team. Regionals will become fewer and farther apart as districts continue to expand making the non-district path potentially harder but ultimately teams should be able to decide. I will say that the CHS district is that much stronger for having 1629 be a part of it.

Finally, congratulations to 2363, 1418, 2421 for persevering through all challenges to your Stronghold and to 116 (CA) and 1629 (EI). Well done!