CHS Platter - Appetizer

CHS Platter - Appetizer

Going into the 2017 season of the FIRST Chesapeake District, it appears that the Southwest Virginia and Northern Virginia events are the most flavorful events this season. Both of these events will happen in the first week of competition. As such, the overall level of play in this district won’t improve as dramatically over the course of the season as much as elsewhere in FRC-- after they get over any initial unpreparedness and rapidly learn how the game unfolds under competition situations, we can expect the strong week 1 teams to stand far apart from their opponents and partners in later weeks.

Because of this aspect of the schedule, CHS Platter is predicting that we won’t witness anything near DCMP-level play at any of the District events this season. The closest to championship-quality FIRST STEAMWORKS performance will happen in the eliminations at the Central Virginia event in week 4.

We have established a CHSyness Score to rank the strength of each of the 7 FIRST Chesapeake district qualifiers. The 0-100 CHSyness Score is related to the current and historical eliminations performance and qualification ranking performance of the participating teams.

Out-of-district plays are an important story this year, especially in week 1. CHS expects a record number of foreign visitors to the Southwest Virginia event, including big-reputation teams such as 900 and 1676. Most FIRST Chesapeake teams in the hunt for a DCMP invitation will at some point need to share a playing field with teams who are there for the experience and the unbag time, not the district ranking points.

2016 Top 10 teams by points

  1. 1418
  2. 836
  3. 1086
  4. 346
  5. 422
  6. 122
  7. 1731
  8. 5804
  9. 5279
  10. 339

2016 Event Winners
3 Event Winners: 836, 1086, 1418
2 Event Winners: 5804
1 Event Winners : 122, 346, 1629, 2363, 2421, 2534, 2537, 2912, 3359, 3941, 4456, 4821, 5115, 5279, 5546

Stay tuned later this week for the first course of our event analysis.

Wait, who invited us? Ohh yeah… districts. Looking forward to seeing our friends in VA again. We miss playing with many of you.

How many robots are you bringing this year?

I see they must have hired you as the reasonably astute observer! :wink:

I am looking forward to seeing a chunk of out of region teams down at Southwest VA. I am hoping the group of rookie students I have can glean some inspiration from what others have accomplished this year as we move through this season and into next.

Can’t wait to see everyone at Blacksburg this weekend. Maybe I’ll get some time to visit with others now that I’m a mentor instead of a driver :stuck_out_tongue:

Honored to get a shout-out! We had a great time at the Virginia Regional back in 2010 and 2011, and can’t wait to play with you all again!

there are plenty of reasons for 1676 to have a reputation

It will be interesting when 5804 will competes in its first event in week 3. There will be a number of teams that will already be done by then. It is a little bit of a double edge sword to be competing so late. The good is it give us a little more time to shore up our witholding parts. The bad is we will compete against teams that have been through the fire.

On a side note…from the reveal videos so far I am seeing lots of gear handling and very little shooting in our district. I am curious to see if anyone is going to come out with fuel blazing!

Good Luck to all Chesapeake Teams. I too see Central Virginia as a being very competitive in the elimination rounds.


Good luck to everyone comepteting weeks 1 hope to see many of these team over the next few weeks.

I suspect shooting will increase as the season goes on. For a lot of teams it was lower priority than gears and climbing.

You’re welcome to post a full breakdown of your robot if you want to help paint a clearer picture :wink:

Why, why why why, have you not used this “CHSyness Score” to assign events as “hard” or “soft” cheeses?

A weaker event could be described as Brie or Pont l’Eveque. Medium (or semi-soft) events could be Mozzarella or Gouda. Hard events could be Manchego or Parmigiano-Reggiano.

Disappointing, indeed.

here ya go: we do gears and climbing atm. We use too many motors for our own good. We will be shooting SoonTM.

We approve this CHSy message.

We are in the same boat as 1086. We didn’t like our original shooter so we ripped it out the Saturday night before bag and tag so we could take a deep breathe…we have made outstanding progress on the shooter and should be implemented by/at our first event but we will need to tweak as time goes on…Like 1086 we also have too many motors for our own good. I think we are up to 15 $&!# (Hence why the name is going to be “Overkill”)

Sounds Familiar.