CHS Platter - DCMP - Deep Dish Pizza

Week 5 Recap - Scorched Pizza, Take 2

We rounded out the 2019 qualifiers with another scorch in Blacksburg. After seeding 1st with a very reliable HAB 3 climb, 3072 was declined by 449, 346, 384, and 1262, before 401 accepted the invite. This semi-scorch mixed up alliance selection a bit and kept most of the top teams offensive teams separated. Playoffs started with two stunning upsets in the quarterfinals. The 1 seed of 3072, 401, 5950, and backup 3136 went down in three matches to the surprisingly strong 8 seed of 3939, 5724, and 539. The 2 seed of 449, 6802, and 6312 also called in a backup bot in 6194 but went down in three matches to the 7 seed of 3748, 1086, and 1413.

The finals were no surprise with the two favorites after alliance selection advancing. Led by everyone’s favorite bird team was the 3 seed 346, 619, and 6274 vs 4 seed 384, 977, and 3455. In the battle of the flippy-bois, this marked the 2nd 346 vs 384 finals matchup of the season. The 4 seed was able to push the set to a rubber match but the 3 seed put up the offense, scoring 94 points in F3.

Interesting CHSy Facts:

  • 619 picked up their first ever blue banner in Blacksburg.
  • The two scorched events were the only events not won by the first or second seed.

CHS Platter - DCMP - Deep Dish Pizza

The seven CHS qualifying events saw HAB 3 climbs dominate the top of the rankings. Even though event CHSyness is still within averages, a more competitive field at DCMP boasts over 40% HAB 3 capable bots. Could the HAB 3 climb be so common that it becomes a given that the winning alliance will gain 3RP? Defense will naturally ramp up in qualifications and stop the occurrence of any solo rockets but the rare 4th RP will become not so rare and we expect qualifications to more than match the 8 full rockets seen so far in the district. Our top 10 teams have a fairly even split between full rocket, HAB 3, and Cargo Ship specialists which should make for an exciting event.


Number of Registered Teams: 58

TBA page:


Livestream: Primary, Full field view with corner insets

CHSyness: 7.74

Extra Sharp Prediction:
Winning alliance of 1885, 346, and 3793

The Favorites:

346 (21.58) - No doubt the fastest Cargo and low Hatch Panel cycling bot in the district, the RoboHawks are sporting two 2019 winner banners and the fastest HAB 3 climb of attending teams. An obvious favorite due to their cargo ship game of cargo and hatches, 346 will need some help completing the Rocket.

1885 (21.58) - One of only two full rocket and HAB 3 capable teams, the defending District Champions have become a perennial favorite. ILITE proved twice at Oxon Hill that they can easily solo the rocket, or shift to a more flexible strategy in order to put up some impressive points. If 1885 can keep their electrical gremlins under control they are poised to take control of this event.

2363 (20.33) - The other full rocket and HAB 3 bot, Triple Helix is one of the few HAB 3 teams to also demonstrate their ability to safely get to HAB 2. Looking for redemption after a loss from the top seeded alliance in Portsmouth, 2363 has full Rockets on their radar.

Others to watch for:

1262 (19.33) - Consistent as usual, The STAGS are another of the full Rocket capable bots topping the charts at this event. 1262 makes up for their lack of HAB 3 climb with offensive power from efficient Hatch and Cargo cycles. They’ll need help securing the HAB RP but will make up for it by adding to their current count of one completed Rocket.

612 (19.17) - Ranking 1st and 3rd at their two qualifying events Chantilly Robotics was able to propel two alliances to victory with a reliable cargo scorer and a HAB 3 climber. The rare defense played against 612 was quite effective in shutting them down, so look for them to improve upon their driving skills at such a competitive event.

1610 (19.17) - Tied with 1418 for most completed rockets in the district, Blackwater Robotics displayed improved Cargo capability at Portsmouth and came away with a blue banner. 1610 is one of the top 5 Rocket capable robots and will be the source of some elusive 4RP matches.

1418 (18.83) - Now tied with 1610 for the most completed rockets in the district with 3, Vae Victus has gone far at two events. Their hatch game is solid, and was the primary driver in their coop rockets at earlier events. However for 1418 to go far at DCMP they will need to work on the speed of their game piece pickup, particularly when it comes to Cargo.

836 (18.83) - The RoboBees flaunt the fastest Sandstorm abilities in the district, often obtaining their 2nd Hatch Panel and nearly completing their 2nd cycle before the first 15 seconds has passed. At their first event, they leveraged great scouting to find a team who could help them come out of Sandstorm with a 10-15 point advantage. In Oxon Hill, they greatly improved their Cargo game over the course of the event.

384 (17.92) - The other flippy boi, SPARKY always turns up the heat towards the end of the season. They’ll need to be faster and more accurate with Cargo than they were at Blacksburg if these two time district champions plan to bring home their first blue banner of the season.

614 (17.83) - The Night Hawks have been in the hunt for a few seasons now, and finally brought home a blue banner from Owings Mills. Their well-rounded machine is equally good at low hatches and low cargo, both pickup and placement. It can even dish out some defense when the time calls.

Season Platter Prediction Results:

  • There will be an average of 73 pizza boxes brought into events each week. (Current average: 74.011899889991197253 PB/Event/Week)
  • There will be 3 new CHS District prediction accounts this season, and a corresponding increase in cheese puns. (Only need one more)
  • VAHAY - 1731, 2363, and 339
  • VAGLE -384, 1262, and 1793
  • MDBET - 1885, 4472, and 2912
  • MDOWI - 836, 614, and 3389
  • VAPOR - 2363, 1610, and 1793
  • MDOXO - 1885, 836, and 2421
  • VABLA - 1262, 346, and 1086

Posting this while most people are driving up to DCMP seems like a solid way to bury the inevitable cold takes ahead of time.


Cold pizza.


If you haven’t seen 612’s District Highlights video, I recommend checking it out, it’s pretty cool.

Also, a quick GMU survival guide (from a current student):

  • Chickfila is closed on Saturday, but if you want it before hand it is in the bottom of SUB 1.
  • Pardon all the construction, we hate it too.
  • The Johnson Center (called the JC) has the main food court, with Chipotle, Blaze Pizza, Steak and Shake, and others, and also a mini grocery store with snacks. It is <0.5 mile from EagleBank.
  • Beware, Steak and Shake has a bad reputation for taking FOREVER.
  • Be nice to our food delivery robots! They have feelings too. You’ll see them all over campus, zipping around. Don’t worry, their autonomous vision is a lot better than your teams, so you don’t have to worry about them hitting you xD.
  • The food robots will deliver to EagleBank Arena! You need to download the ‘Starship Delivery’ app on your phone, and the delivery fee is $2.00 flat. I recommend trying it out.

Feel free to message me if you have any questions about GMU.

Forget the comp tell me more about the food delivery robots!


You haven’t seen our food delivery robots? They are like the only reason I attend Mason at this point. Fully autonomous, fully awesome.

Judging by the first 6 matches, this event’s gonna be wild.


It definitely has been so far. The winning margins are so small and there’s been a ridiculous amount of times. The rankings are gonna be crazy.


boy howdy, those DCMP alliance picks
by my count, 3 of the top-10 teams by points coming into the event were left on the board, including the 1 team.

Can anyone explain what the announcement before finals was about?


I heard 3rd-hand there was some controversy about the Alliance #1 red card that lost them their match and their QFs. But that might or might not have been it. :man_shrugging:

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It seems that if VT and UVA teams up they’re unstoppable.


For those who missed awards, the 2020 (tentative?) CHS schedule was announced before the Chairman’s winners:

Week 1

  • Haymarket VA - Battlefield HS

Week 2

  • Richmond VA - Arthur Ashe Center
  • Bethesda MD - Walt Whitman HS

Week 3

  • Portsmouth VA - Churchland HS
  • Owings Mills MD - McDonough School

Week 4

  • Blacksburg VA - Blacksburg HS
  • Edgewater MD - South River HS

Week 6

  • District Championship (Hampton, VA) - Hampton Coliseum (80 teams, 2 divisions of 40)
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No Oxon Hill? That venue was great.

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CHS is getting division district champs? Whattttt?

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I just can’t even.


Having been on the floor of the Coliseum, I… have questions.


Explain for those of us who haven’t been to that venue. What’s it like?

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