CHS Platter - Extra Cheese Pizza

CHS Platter - Extra Cheesy Pizza

Welcome to the final season of CHSy goodness needing to be bagged before consumption. With CHS making it all the way to the Detroit half of Einstein last year, we are very likely to continue blasting off this year as much as we powered up in 2018.

The two CHS week one events are extra CHSy, with average CHSYness scores of 8.98 for Haymarket and 8.88 for Richmond topping the charts as the top two most powerful district events for the 2019 season. Overall, this season features the same number of events on the positive side of CHSyness as last year, with three events (Bethesda, Owings Mills, and Portsmouth) featuring below average scores. Virginia seems to be striking back against the spread of Old Bay, with three of the four above average events hailing from the Old Dominion.

CHS’s schedule has improved dramatically from last season, allowing teams more time between events to build and test. The Platter hopes that this will lead to improved mechanisms in later parts of the season, especially considering there is a two-week gap between the last qualifying event and the District Championship.

Week Event CHSyness (% above average)
1 Haymarket 8.98 (+14%)
1 Richmond 8.88 (+13%)
2 Bethesda 6.51 (-18%)
3 Owings Mills 6.75 (-14%)
3 Portsmouth 7.33 (-7%)
4 Oxon Hill 8.37 (+6%)
5 Blacksburg 8.27 (+5%)
7 District Champs —

Interesting CHSy Facts:

  • CHS events will be using Georgia’s Peach Pits for pit management this season.
  • CHS has moved to Twitch for event streams.
  • There are 7 teams in the district with CHSyness scores over double the highest event average.

Extra Sharp Season Predictions:

  • There will be an average of 73 pizza boxes brought into events each week.
  • There will be 3 new CHS District prediction accounts this season, and a corresponding increase in cheese puns.

CHS Platter - Week One - Don’t Break the Sandstorm

CHS leadership has returned to having two Week 1 events this season, which is notable considering the risk of a certain field fault forcing one or both alliances to play without field visibility.

Like last year, Haymarket is rated to be the strongest qualifier of the season, with the highest average CHSyness score. Haymarket features the first of several out-of-district teams visiting CHS this season, with 316 coming down from New Jersey for the second year in a row. If you’re not up for trying to sneak illegal pizza boxes into the event, you should really be pre-ordering your food. 1885 has continuously provided the most cost effective lunch option of any event year after year. If you aren’t ordering your food from iLITE you’re really missing out.

Richmond has a bunch of old CHS powerhouse teams looking to make a comeback, while also boasting 4 of the top 10 teams in CHSyness. This event has a relatively steep drop off in CHSyness score after the first few teams, which could lead to unbalanced quarterfinal matches. It is 100% Virginia teams, making it obviously the best event of week 1. Also, since we’re the hosts we’re pretty biased.

What exactly is CHYness? We’re glad you asked. CHSyness is based off elimination selection position and elimination round participation over all district/regional events over the past 3 seasons (including this season).


Number of Registered Teams: 38

TBA page:

Livestream: Primary, Quad View

CHSyness: 8.98

Extra Sharp Prediction:

Winning alliance of 1731, 2363, and 339

The Favorites:

1731 (19.75) - After earning a ticket to IRI off their performance last season, Fresta Valley will likely prove a strong contender again this year, especially around the higher levels of the rockets. While they are facing a very strong field, this team from the valley is a strong contender to make a mark in the hay. While we haven’t seen their robot, 1731 has never ranked below 3rd at this event.

2363 (19.50) - Failing to make it to the finals all last season for the first time since 2012, Triple Helix is looking for revenge. 2363 is sure to seed high with those extra RPs they’ll get from blasting off to HAB 3. Their arm mechanism is also notable, with a dual-purpose claw capable of handling both cargo and hatch covers.

Others to watch for:

1629 (18.00) - The Gecko’s of GaCo have a practiced multi hatch Sandstorm ready to roll in for week 1. Mecanum seems like an interesting choice for some, yet silly wheels didn’t prevent them from scoring well under defense in 2014. Their hatch placement doesn’t appear to be the most secure, let’s hope they don’t run into issues with cargo breaking through.

1418 (17.50) - Vae Victus boasts a solid hatch mechanism that is capable of fast player station pickup and placement onto all three levels of the rocket. Mecanum drive and a quick HAB 2 climb are sure to propel 1418 to another good performance, however the lack of lateral cylinder supports gives us pause on how the climb will hold up to the stress of competition.

623 (15.25) - After winning both a regular season and an offseason event as well as a ticket to Detroit, the Cougars should prove a formidable opponent to the teams on the top of our list. Their experience placing power cubes on the scale last year suggests similar aptitude in placing hatch covers and cargo on the top of the rocket, securing a RPs for their alliances.

Hot takes from reveal videos and other inside info:

This data was gathered from social media, ChiefDelphi, and other publicly-available means. The Platter appreciates that these videos were mostly business and some fun - without all of the fluff from shaky-cam ‘highlight’ nonsense that plagues reveal videos these days. These are in numerical order.

612 (13.75): Chantilly Academy is rolling off a very successful 2018 season with another strong robot going into 2019. The choice of Mecanum drive seems “interesting” until you realize that they leveraged the wheel setup to make a very robust and reliable HAB climber. Their hatch mechanism may need a little bit extra speed to be effective, but their cargo handler is rock solid. They also show one of the few articulating cameras we’ve seen this year, meaning they should be able to earn a few extra points during the sandstorm period or during field faults.

1895 (9.00): Lambda Corp is ready to show why the Everybot archetype can dominate a competition on the right alliance. It is very clear from their capabilities-based reveal video that this team has had plenty of practice scoring game pieces around the cargo ship and rocket. Most teams may think this team is capped at 60% of the scoring field, but for a week 1 they will likely have as many game piece points as the rest of the field. This drive practice should help propel them to semi-finals and beyond.

2199 (10.25): The RoboLions are rumored to have embraced the NEO REVolution taking place in FRC these days. Not only do that have super-low c.g, squirly Mecanum capabilities, simple elevator, and effectively simple mechanisms, they have one of the only confirmed and completed practice bots for this week. Their rack-and-pinion-based HAB climber should allow them quick climbs on either Level 2 or Level 3.

4505 (8.50): McDonough sports one of the only revealed hatch ground pickups on a robot that is also capable of player-station loading. That velcro-based mechanism should work just fine for Week 1. Combined with a solid cargo mechanism, and the best robot name so far this year, look for this team to be a great first or second round pick.

5549 (2.25): Gryphons.exe consistently made elims last year, and this year should be a breakout year. A solid capabilities-based reveal video shows that they have a robot capable of scoring both game pieces everywhere they need to be scored. Important for week 1, this team looks like they can handle cargo better than some of the other teams on the Platter this week. If the software team can do some fine tuning to smooth their double-jointed arm + elevator, and their HAB Level 3 climber works as well as claimed, expect this team to play late on Sunday.


Number of Registered Teams: 38

TBA page:

Livestream: Primary, Quad View

CHSyness: 8.88

Extra Sharp Prediction:

Winning alliance of 384, 1262, and 1793

The Favorites:

384 (22.75) - Ignoring the top of the rocket, Sparky is bringing a HAB 3 climber and attempting the same quick low cycling gameplay that gained them DCMP and CMP blue banners in 2017. Can fast cycles with no chance at the 4th RP succeed in this game? For week 1, we say yes (as long as their hatch mechanism is up to par).

1262 (20.75) - Possibly the most consistent team in the district in 2018, the STAGs will attempt to avenge their tough loss in the finals at this event last year. Heavy-Duty Mecanum wheels, scoring on all levels, and a solid integration between hatch & cargo mechanism should provide plenty of firepower. As a top 3 team in CHS we’ll bet a few bucks on them to be in the finals this week.

Others to watch for:

1610 (18.25) - Along with 346, this water game-focused team currently holds the defending winner’s banner for this event. With a HAB 2 climber and full rocket double-sided scoring capability, Blackwater is likely to focus on gaining the rocket RP in order to get a leg up on the CHSyer teams on our list.

346 (17.50) - We’ve seen their HAB 3 climb, but what else can the RoboHawks do? Defending champions of this event as the 6th seed, the original CHS Bird team may be forced to push back against the avenging deer in order to maintain their crown.

422 (13.25) - After a mediocre 2017 season, the Mech Tech Dragons forced their way back onto the Platter last year with some smart play and selection strategies. Although they’re scored a few spots lower than some other teams, we think 2017 was just an off year for the boys and girls in green pants.

Hot takes from reveal videos and other inside info:

619 (9.00): Cavalier Robotics made a choice to give up on swerve this year, and maybe it’s for the best. Last year their swerve seemed to take so much time away from what could have been great mechanisms. This year, their robot sports an eclectic mix of an elevator, arm, cargo mechanism, hatch mechanism, and pneumatics-based climber.

Want to see your team mentioned in the coming weeks? Make sure to upload a robot photo to TBA so we can check you out!


Great to see y’all have not been replaced. Was worried we were not getting one this year.

It’s on their Instagram.




Glad your back.

Pretty surprised that 6802 was left off even though they had a great rookie year and have a solid robot this year.

I guess 6802 is the dark horse of the event.


I just wanna say we (5549)have never claimed a level 3 hab climb…

Also we’re gryphon robotics now :)) excited to be mentioned on the CHS platter!!!

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their mascot is a caiman tho


Yeah, so…

We can be the dark caiman.


I agree that 6802 is a team people are sleeping on. Them and 5549 are my two breakout stars predictions of each event.


sleepers? look at 2106. They have been constantly improving over the past few years. Expect them to look good right out of the gate tomorrow.


Every year Fresh Tech is a sleeper bot in my book. They’re one of my favorite teams in the district. They are great at building within their means and always end up with a super simple but super effective robot.


Close on that Haymarket prediction. 2/3 of those teams were on the winning alliance.

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That … was a heck of a playoff bracket. Especially the finals series:

Loved the playoffs. Teams were so competitive. Did not expect 612 to rank 1st and win, but hab level 3 is so OP. I suspect week 2 teams that see this will scramble to get working hab level 3 mechanisms working.

Congratulations on the win! Had a fun (though infuriating) time playing against you guys.

Thanks! Congrats on the Judges Award and good luck at Owings Mill!

Sorry about that Finals 1 - driver controller got stuck and in a panic they forgot about that big red button…

Haha, no worries. Things like that happen, its just how competitions go.