That’s my thing though. :frowning: I thought you were the Tree pun guy…

but wil u were at vagle1, i saw u there

Totally awesome experience today. The field went up at the Ashe Center with enough time to run practice matches before we left at 10pm. Almost everyone is inspected and ready to roll tomorrow. So many awesome people did an awesome job to make the VARVA(?) come together. Should be a great event over the next two days.

I just wanted to make a quick post before the CHS DCMP to thank everyone who helped make the relocated “Southwest” Virginia District Event a success. On very short notice the CHS staff and community was able to step up and produce a well-staffed and well-run event. Switching from hosting an event to traveling three hours away to avoid a snowstorm was a pretty difficult change for Team 401, we ended up only being able to take a handful of students. Without the kindness of many teams and individuals this event would have been very, very rough for us.

To our alliance partners 3274: Rocktown Robotics and 3359: Royal Robotics, it really was great working with you. Rocktown, you all were easily the best scale robot at the competition, I just wish we could have helped you all more with auto and with getting you back up and running before the second semis match. Royal, you all were an absolute steal- I don’t know how we managed to get a great shooter bot who also had scale auto that late in alliance selection, but I’m glad we did. Looking back at our matches, we found that our exact alliance set the event high score in quals match 35.

619: Cavalier Robotics graciously overlooked the Hokies vs Hoos rivalry and adopted our only scout for the competition. They shared data and worked with us on scouting through qualification and elimination play. Beyond that they even tolerated my incessant questions about their swerve modules, robot design, waterjet process, and code.

2534: Lumberjack Robotics was standing by to help us load-in as soon as we reached the event. With only one mentor available for load-in while our handful of students were still on the road, Lumberjacks stepped in and helped get all of our pit supplies brought in.

346: RoboHawks was helping us throughout the competition with dozens of things from loaning us parts and tools, lending us ethernet cables for the practice field, or offering strategy suggestions in elimination play even though they knew they might have ended up facing us.

Aside from teams competing with us, there were a few more people that I wanted to shout out:

First to all of the FTAs and field staff, THANK YOU for being patient with us when we were rushing to get an alliance member on field even though the event was running behind, they were super late for the match, and we ended up taping and screw their bumpers onto the bot while sitting on field. It might not have affected the match outcome or event ranks in at all, but with your help that team was on field competing instead of being forced to sit by the side of the field and watch.

Even though his team wasn’t competing Ryan Kaplan from 422: Mech Tech Dragons stepped up and helped organize and digitize all of the scouting data, set up our pick lists, and built our strategy for elimination play.

Thanks also to Greg Sesny from 5804: TORCH who was kind enough to offer us a storage location for our trailer after we found that our hotel was in a not-so-great area.

Finally I’d like to thank Trevor Davidson for being a great emcee who got our students at the event and back at home hyped up for our matches. After listening to so many matches and events where announcers didn’t really seem to know the teams or the competition it was a great change to have a true FIRST fanatic on the mic.

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How To Make The Cheese Platter Of Your Dreams
Oh, sweet cheeses.
By Juliette Steen

Rough times when I have to look at a Huffington post column to determine if it is in fact the cheese platter I’m interested in.

Does it look good?
If yes, bring it to CHS DCMP and we’ll all stop by for a sample!

your platter replies are just as good as the post itself

I was feeling like this event was missing something. Then I realized. There was no CHS Platter! How will I know who to care about now?