CHS Platter - Penalties, penalties, and more penalties

**Week 1 Recap: **
Key field volunteers in CHS continue to prove that they are some of the best in FRC.

Expecting that the school would be closed on Friday, the host team along with CHS staff worked through the night Thursday until 3AM and gained access again on Friday evening for a few hours to finish field setup.

Very early Saturday morning they were back at the venue at 4AM to get ready for teams to load in at 6AM. By Saturday evening, the event was back on schedule and even finished early on Sunday. The Platter tips our cheese wedge hats to all involved in the event and thank you to all for fighting to complete a 12 match rotation and always putting the team experience first.

Issues with elevator reliability and maintaining control over the cube after it was lifted off of the ground plagued most robots. Teams who can solve these problems will have a major advantage over their other CHS counterparts as they jockey for DCMP spots.

Not unexpectedly, most of the usual CHS suspects wound up on top of the rankings following the qualification rounds. Yet it was 422, the only #teamhandoff robot at the event, which took home the blue banner as 7th seed alliance captain.

Going into playoffs, while most alliances had promise with capabilities of 2-cube auto modes or double-hangs, it was a succinct alliance selection strategy that eventually put 422, 3274 and #justpickmichigan team 141 ahead of all of the rest. By coordinating their movements they were able to move cubes where they wanted without interfering with each other.

Interesting CHSy Fact: Six batteries were ejected from robots and ten motors released their magic smoke in NOVA. Zero air tanks attached by zip ties exploded.
CHS Platter - Week Two - Penalties, Penalties, and more Penalties**

Penalties were a major part of week 1 over all of the FRC events. If they don’t do something to tone this down we’re going to start seeing refs drop from exhaustion. The major design flaw in this game is how easy it is to generate a penalty from trying to complete a basic game task. “Shooting” calls at the switch and scale contact are major judgement calls, we do not envy the refs this season.

Greater DC will be the show to see this week in CHS. With 4 clear top teams, an out of stater, a curse breaker, and 2 teams that already put up impressive showings last week expect to see some early fireworks. Not only that but some robots in the next tier have been revealing some pretty nice robots with some awesome auto modes.

Glen Allen has a very thin top end this season but a pretty hefty middle ground. While you may not see a super high level of play at this event you should expect to see competitive matches all day. Is anyone surprised that 346 built a cube shooter? Anyone? No? Neither are we.

Greater DC:
Number of Registered Teams: 38
TBA page:
CHSyness: 9.51

Extra Sharp Prediction:
In 2014, 225 & 1731 beat 1885 & 1418 using a thinking-outside-the-box strategy. The favorites will pair up again with possibly different combinations. Look for big strategies to play out in any match with two or more of them in it.

The Favorites:

1885 (21.75) - Someone ordered ILITE some Nutrisystem because this robot needed to lose weight on bag day. After witnessing 90+ matches of play in week 1, the team is rumored to be using their remaining unbag time for adjustments on everything from drive train to elevator modes. After solving their weight issue the purple machine will have a solid scale capability that joins 422 as part of #teamhandoff.
225 (20.50) - TechFire hasn’t finished outside of the top 10 in MAR since 2012. They’ll be using this week as a practice session for the next 2 weeks, but that won’t temper their performance. Expect this out of district team to take a large number of points away from CHS.
1418 (20.40) - Vae Victus was the #3 seed at NOVA and continues to prove themselves as a perennial CHS powerhouse. An interesting cube gripper and reliable climb will keep them a contender, but only if they can tune that auto to stop dropping the cubes.
1731 (19.20) - The #2 seed at NOVA, Fresta Valley showed off the best Scale autonomous at the event. Their over-the-top elevator was a little unreliable when they had to reach higher but expect them to get that straightened out this week.
Others to watch for:**

1111 (18.00) - There is talk of turmoil internally on the Power Hawks, but judging from Week 0 video they seem to have built a decent machine. We saw our first cube shooter last week in 614 and it landed them a final ranking of 7th. The Power Hawks can use their shooter to get cubes onto the scale early, but may have problems filling the scale against a fast placing robot.
1629 (17.75) - Can geckos have wings? GaCo has built what looks like a solid intake and is sporting multiple versions of double cube auto modes. They may come in at 6th on CHSyness score at this event but they look to have a top tier robot.

Central Virginia:
Number of Registered Teams: 37
TBA page:
CHSyness: 7.93

Extra Sharp Prediction:
One alliance will contain 2 teams with the numbers 1XXX and another alliance will contain 2 teams with 3 digit numbers

The Favorites:

836 (20.75) - As much as it pains us to do it, even as a #mdbias team The RoboBees are a clear favorite at this event. Sporting an over the top scoop on an elevator the bees will buzz around the field and score cubes efficiently.
384 (14.5) - After a disappointing year in 2016 Sparky dominated the field last year, and don’t expect them to slow down this season. They’ll likely show up to the event with a fast scale robot but will it be powder coated?
Others to watch for:**

1262 (17.75) - Intake: check. Elevator: check. Climber: check. The Stags appear to have something for every part of the game this year, but their elevator seems a bit slow. #teamhandoff gains another member.
1610 (17.00) - For the first time ever 1610 has a full CAD model of their robot. Along with this they’ve built a robot that can pick up cubes in any orientation, score in the scale, and will be running multiple auto modes in their first event. Being pulled along by another team’s tug is in Blackwater’s past.
1086 (16.50) - Last season our cheese was stinky. But our history of success, implementing path following for our autonomi, and a short 3 stage elevator for scooting under the scale are just a few of flavors that point to an extra sharp comeback this season.
401 (16.50) - Copperhead is looking to start the season off hot, just hopefully not smoking motors hot. 401 developed a 775 drivetrain over the offseason that we expect them to run this season. With a virtual 4-bar intake and a claim to have one of the fastest elevators in CHS look for them to build on their strong seasons the last two years by finally adding their first district event win this year.

Season Platter Prediction Results:
For the third year in a row, a rookie team is on the winning DCMP alliance.
An out of district team wins an event (900 isn’t coming this year).
At least one team will be a first time DCA winner.
The #1 and #2 seeds do not pair up in this event. (vahay)

I mean, he is on one of the most consistently good teams in the district, it’s no surprise that anyone making predictions would rank them well. We look forward to seeing them and everyone else this weekend at greater DC!

I was hacked!

they were talking about me… :rolleyes: :cool: :ahh:

Kudo to all that prepared for the wind at NoVa last week, and pulling off a interesting event. We saw all a lot, and with what we saw, we can only expect ‘better game’ from the teams who participated at NoVa going onto Week Dos competing at Greater DC, and CENTVA. That explains the given predictions…

But I think we well see a lot from other teams not predicted given the Old Bay’s recap of Week Zero, and scouting the NoVa event via hosting, attending (watching), and viewing the webcast. #lessonslearned

I have my predictions for both events, just do not want to jink my choices.

I wish all teams the very best at both CHS events this weekend, and hope things don’t run late Sunday… as the forecast is predicting *now from Alexandria/DC to Richmond. I predict rain (as it is March, and it always rains in March).

Be safe, and not afraid to eat metal!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 14, 18, 19, 20.

I don’t see a problem

Explains the Cyrillic…

I guess since it’s the day of competition we can release some info.

Here’s our 2018 robot, Apophis

Subsystem renders with details

Elevator earlier in the season

Detailed specs are in the imgur album, but here are a few basic:

  • Flip up single stage elevator
  • 15 775pros
  • #TeamHandoff

And here’s the current elevator speed

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Ohhh interesting!

Dang that’s impressive.

Not at max speed yet either, we’re working on tuning motion magic more before we crank the acceleration any higher.

I feel like raising your low current limit would probably help with that :stuck_out_tongue:

This is my favorite video from this season, enjoy.
Here is a good video showing the handoff system. (note the elevator is slowly moving down at the beginning, which is because it uses gravity to zero after the flip up)

you’re an elf!

Yeah, that will definitely help. :wink:

That handoff video also shows the collision avoidance for intake and carriage subsystems.

Alright, ya’ll. Where are my fellow CHS watchers? I have a feeling that this event, the top teams will be comprised of the most unlikely of teams. Not going to be surprised when the speed of some teams beats the slow elevators. Also teams, dying in your opponents null-zone is a no-go. Please touch the scale instead. Oh, and press the button when you get the 3rd levitate cube and save yourself some heartbreak and a drop in the rankings.

Some interesting predictions from the platter impersonator who started this thread.

Shout out to last years Tesla Division winner, 2537, not getting mentioned at all in the prediction. :stuck_out_tongue: