CHS Platter - The Real CHSy Champs

CHS Platter
CHS Platter - The Real CHSy Champs

58 of the best teams from Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia converge on the Xfinity Center this weekend. In the past are district events full of qualification matches where alliances struggled to breach; now 4 RP matches will be common.

There are a lot of stomachs rumbling around the CHS table about teams adding new capabilities for the CHCMP. Teams will debut their new mechanisms in an attempt to either slice through the competition at CHCMP or to practice and tune for the World Championship. Look out for new scale and high-goal abilities that may shred up the rankings. Furthermore, look for the top teams to serve up plenty of CHSCAKE to their new partners on Saturday.

The 5 teams who have already earned have 130+ points won’t need stellar performances to qualify for the World Championship. A focus on perfecting new mechanisms and minimizing weaknesses will be a better use of their time than focusing on winning the event. However, this is the first CHCMP and expect these teams to want the bragging rights of being the first to win it.

The district’s relatively few high goal robots have had a hard time seeding well in this game’s format if they aimed high. With better depth in the field, there is a good chance many of these teams will be able to set their sights on something better than breaching. The top 10 CHS lobbers out-score the top 10 low goal teams by over 20% in qualification matches. Look for these teams to dominate the tournament’s boulder scoring: 339, 346, 401, 686, 1389, 1885, 3455, 4945, & 5724.

**Drawbridge: **2028 (90%), 1885 (77%), 1829 (75%), 5957 (69%), 3941 (68%)
Sally Port: 3072 (92%), 1137 (91%), 2028 (88%), 686 (82%), 1885 (80%)
Chival-De-Frise: 5279 (100%), 1629 (98%), 422 (98%), 1086 (98%), 1719 (95%)
Portcullis: 7 teams do the portcullis 100% of the time
Moat: 10 teams do the moat 100% of the time
Rock Wall: 12 teams do the rock wall > 98% of the time
Ramparts: 13 teams do the ramparts 100% of the time
Low Bar: 24 teams do the low bar > 98% of the time
Rough Terrain: 48 teams do the rough terrain 100% of the time. Seriously, you weren’t considering actually selecting the rough terrain were you?

Using randomly generated schedules, we’ve produced estimated rankings and alliance selection predictions; based on the results we believe the elimination rounds will be very CHSy.

Ranking Predictions

  1. 836
  2. 2363
  3. 1418
  4. 1731
  5. 1610
  6. 5279
  7. 1885
  8. 1629

Alliance Selections:

  1. 836, 2363, 1111
  2. 1418, 1086, 4945
  3. 1731, 1885, 5546
  4. 1610, 122, 2534
  5. 5279, 1629, 4638
  6. 4242, 1389, 5587
  7. 346, 401, 339
  8. 686, 1137, 1262

**Extra Sharp Predictions: **

  • No team will go undefeated in qualifications.
  • The top 4 seeds will have at least 40 RP.
  • There will be at least 1 triple scale in qualifications

FIRST Chesapeake District Championship
Number of Registered Teams: 58
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The Favorites:
836: Coming into CHCMP #1 in district points, with two district wins and 1st and 4th place rankings, the RoboBees are the clear favorite to take home their third Blue Banner of the season. Averaging 3.25 RP per match (22nd highest worldwide) means the Bees will be buzzing their way to the top of the rankings this weekend.
1731: The district’s best high goal scorer has stats from Week 2 that still out-perform the next-best high goal scorer by 25%** in qualifications. Their Week 1 Finals Match 3 performance proved they are a force to be reckoned with as they shot 7 boulders through the high goal openings in a single match. If they can find partners to assist in breaching during qualifications, Fresta Valley is poised to consistently rattle the oppositions’ chains deep into the tournament this weekend.
1086: It looks like all of this year’s CHS puns have finally gone to Blue Cheese’s head. With two event wins they had no problems proving they are a top robot, ranking problems or not.
2363: Triple Helix aims to triple the excitement of their very quick breaches and scales by converting their sturdy pneumatic tank supports to a high goal shooter. This triple threat is looking to pick up their third #1 seed and third blue banner at their third event of the season.

Others to watch for:
122: After a win in their first event and leading their alliance to the finals at their second these Knights of the kingdom of NASA will be in the hunt for a top 8 finish. With a consistent high goal shooter 122 will be on the radar of any high-seeded alliance captain.
1418: Vae Victus has 2 event wins and is sporting the highest OPR in CHS, but with no high goal capabilities they may lose a few matches in the qualification rounds. With one of the more consistent climbers in the district 1418 will count on those extra 10 points to win matches against competitive alliances.
1629: GaCo was able to do it all during week 1 at VAHAY but abandoned their shooter and climber early. Since then they have focused on breaching and low goal cycles which secured them a win at MDEDG. With many of the other top teams looking to add new flavor to their plate GaCo may need to dust off those unused capabilities.
5279: The Bionic Eagles soared to two #1 seeds in VABLA and VADOS, relying on quick consistent breaches and multiple autonomous modes. Competition will be stiff but this up-and-coming team could cement themselves as a CHS powerhouse in just their third season.**

What does CHS Platter predict the points cutoff will be for qualifying for St. Louis?

not CHS Platter
We predict the number to qualify will be around 130-135

mfw 1719 is snubbed from alliance selection :’(

Go out there and prove 'em wrong!

I heard 1086 might try shooting in the high goal this weekend.

My motto in life in situations like this has been “Challenge accepted”

Yea, we are taking a big risk, but we think it is worth it.

Our real strategy is to just function during our entire qual matches. We have determined we tend to score less when our robot isn’t moving.

Don’t count 540 out just yet :wink:

Hope to see a bounce back from your mediocre elims performance in Doswell where you only hit 7 in the high goal one match.

Honestly I don’t think anyone in the top 75% of the stats could be counted ‘probably out’ of the tournament quite yet. I agree with the predictions and seriously doubt teams are settling for the robot they had at their last event.

I’m surprised the increase in defensive play in a traditionally-defensive region wasn’t mentioned.

Two matches*

We’ll see you out there


See you guys tomorrow! …not sorry

Does that take into account the fact that points are tripled at championships?

Yes. Point distribution can change this though. I’d say this is the lowest it would be. The highest I see it being is about 145-150; but anything can happen.

Also, take a look at some of last year’s numbers from other districts. Not a direct correlation, but should provide an idea of what to expect.

Good to look at PNW, especially. I’d say that anyone in the top 30 right now who is a captain or first pick is probably in, as that’s at least a 70 point boost.

Nice bench grinder. Can it shoot from anywhere that is protected?

I bet they can shoot from their secret passage.

Pretty op if you ask me