CHS Platter - Week 1 - Pre-ordered Cheese

CHS Platter 2020: Week 1

We could do a nice introduction to the season for CHS as a whole, but frankly, we’re lazy and many teams haven’t been very forthcoming with information (leaks) this season. Have some data instead and draw your own conclusions.

Pre-Season CHSyness Top 10 Teams

Team Name CHSyness
346 RoboHawks 29.00
612 Chantilly Robotics 28.41
614 Night Hawks 25.28
1885 ILITE Robotics 24.64
1610 Blackwater Robotics 24.51
1418 Vae Victis 24.13
1262 the STAGS 24.09
2363 Triple Helix 23.80
384 SPARKY 384 23.52
836 The RoboBees 23.40
Week Event CHSyness (% above average)
1 Haymarket +15%
2 Richmond +12%
2 Bethesda -32%
3 Owings Mills +8%
3 Portsmouth -6%
4 Edgewater -8%
4 Blacksburg +16%
7 District Champs

What exactly is CHYness? We’re glad you asked. CHSyness is derived from a custom formula based on alliance selection position and elimination round participation over all district/regional events over the past 3 seasons (including the current season) and more recent performance is weighted heavier.

Interesting CHSy Fact:

  • The theoretical maximum CHSyness score is 32.

Extra Sharp Season Predictions:

  • Where is the happy point between too many and too few emails? Teams will be mad about lunch order forms not being announced in time.
  • 3 teams will show up with robots in a bag for their first event.
  • We will see < 10 unicorn matches before DCMP.

CHS Platter - Week One - Pre-ordered Cheese

The moment you’ve all been waiting for has arrived - week one of CHS bag-and-tag-less competition. Will it be a disaster? Probably.

Haymarket isn’t the most top heavy event this season, but it is certainly the deepest. There are only 3 teams at the event this weekend that have not played in the playoff rounds in the last 2 seasons, and 2 of those are rookies this season. Teams who attended the Week 0 events have a leg up on their competition, already potentially having multiple hours of practice time on a real field.

In this early season event we don’t believe we’ll see a single 4 RP match that aren’t a result of penalties. Only expect a handful of 3RP matches, mostly by a small consistent group of robots. As in past climbing years, most matches are going to be decided by climbs. It takes 13 2-point balls to make up for a single opponent climb, and most matches won’t see 13 balls scored by an alliance total.

Number of Registered Teams: 38
TBA page: CHS District Haymarket VA Event (2020)
Livestream: Primary, Quad View
CHSyness: 7.55

Extra Sharp Prediction:
Winning alliance of 1418, 4472, and 623

The Favorites:

1418 (24.13) - A scissor lift climber? Who could have seen that coming? Literally everyone saw that coming. A scissor climber propelled Vae Victus to three blue banners in 2016, winning both their district events and district championship. They’ve never ranked outside the top 10 in the district CHSyness ranks and have been the definition of consistent.

4472 (22.21) - Boasting the most functional robot at the Richmond Week 0 event, SuperNOVA is sure to shine in Week 1. They can do it all: intake from the ground and human player, shoot from protected zones, and climb easily and reliably. Their climber even has a balancing device (though we didn’t see it operate).

2363 (23.81) - Triple Helix is looking to take the lead early in matches, having already shown an 8 ball autonomous routine. From the matches we saw in ISR, winning auto and climbing will win events. After building a robot in 2019 that didn’t look like your typical Triple Helix robot they seem to have gone back to their roots this season.

Others to watch for:

612 (28.41) - 6 WHAT? 6 WHAT? 612? Sorry, I forgot to turn my hearing aid on. After a very strong season in 2019, Chantilly Robotics is coming into this event as a possible top contender with the highest CHSyness of attending teams, but they need to clean up some of their Week 0 issues.

614 (25.28) - At the start of the 2018 season the Night Hawks were ranked 78th in the district in CHSyness. In 2019 they were 18th. After a very strong season last year they’re starting this season off ranked 3rd. If they keep up this trend they’re likely to be ranked ~34th going into next season! They went with a tall robot this year but they’re currently on a diet, thankfully no bag will allow them some time to take care of that issue.

836 (23.41) - We’re pretty sure they have a robot, but we haven’t seen it. CHSyness says the Robobees should be on this list, so here they are. Don’t be surprised if you see them in the finals. We encourage 836 students to leak directly to us in PMs in the future, don’t worry, we’ll blame it on Tim.
EDIT: It’s official, they have a shooter.

Hot takes from reveal videos and other inside info:
This data was gathered from social media, ChiefDelphi, and other publicly-available means including Week 0 events. These are in numerical order.

1719 (8.00) - The Umbrella Corporation showed off a nice low-goal dumper at the USRA Week 0. Low goal bots are going to be the key to scoring the 49 total balls required for the most difficult ranking point, or simply to inundate the opposing alliance with > 15 balls.

1731 (13.21) - Fresta Valley is historically good at games involving shooting balls and climbing, so they’re sure to be a contender in playoffs. Our research shows they have a tall, swerve drive bot.

1915 (1.50) - The Firebirds came down to Richmond for some Week 0 practice time. While they had some drive problems that they were working through, their climb was fast and they even showed off a bar balancing mechanism that actually worked!

4099 (11.76) - The Falcons have shown off their long range shot with yet another tall bot and may be a strong contender at the event if they are dialed in. They’re also sporting a short range shot and what looks to be a place to mount a climber to their tall bot.

Want to see your team mentioned in the coming weeks? Make sure to upload a robot photo to TBA so we can check you out!


Ok, who leaked? I need info!

It was Tim.

Which one?

And…time. Congrats friends, it took us only ten minutes to get this season’s first gif.

Would you let a student use safety wire to cut cheese?

For reference:

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Ok I know where you got the swerve about our team, but the ‘tall robot’? I am honestly curious where you heard that…

“Han Silo” kinda gives away the game

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Nice catch…

phew they haven’t found the completely leaked top secret robot design


Thanks for the tip :wink:


Hey @wilsonmw04 once DCMP divisions come out can you run the stats and see if any of the district events have a higher CHSyness than either of the divisions? It’d be funny if Richmond or Blacksburg was more competitive than a DCMP division.


Sorry, I’m super busy fixing the typos in the platter post and talking to my folks as to why we weren’t mentioned in the first platter of 2020…

I’m super excited for this year’s game. It’s well balanced and can be GRATE! I could totally care less about the OPR average of the events we will attend compared to DCMP. I look forward to seeing a lot of new faces at the Hampton Coliseum.

Wanna hear a fun fact? Of course you all do!

There are only 2 teams in the world that can claim the title of “Longest currently active Team Spirit Award win streak” (Oddly specific, I know).

Those teams are 1111 Powerhawks and 612 Chantilly Robotics. Both those teams will be competing at Week 1 Haymarket.


Good luck! I am bringing ear plugs… Oh wait I remember you! We talked for a bit at district chaps last year!


Some traditions never die. 612 will see you all at Haymarket!


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