CHS Platter - Week 2 - Fresh Carpet

A new year, a new game, and Triple Helix didn’t skip a beat. They swerved their way to another #1 rank and another event win, stretching the streak to five CHS event wins in a row. 2363 picked up 401 Copperhead Robotics and 1915 MTHS Firebird Robotics on the #1 alliance. It wasn’t a cake walk for the #1 alliance though, losing their second playoff match and moving to the lower bracket after 2363 tipped off the Charging Station soon after autonomous.

They fought back and met the #2 alliance of 1629 Garret Coalition, 1731 Fresta Valley, and 1086 Blue Cheese in the Finals. Our favorite CHSy team played grate defense but 1629 and 1731 just couldn’t match the offensive power of 2363 and 401.


Two teams who competed last week are in Bethesda for week 2, but the other 34 teams are hitting the Charged Up carpet for the first time. With around half the competing teams sporting swerve drives, the pristine carpet will be “destroyed” in no time. We expect the 2 offense + 1 defense we saw in the Blacksburg playoffs continue here.

Number of Registered Teams: 36

TBA page: CHS District Bethesda MD Event (2023) - The Blue Alliance

Livestream: Twitch

CHSyness: 8.79

Number of Swerves: 16+

Predicted Winning Alliance: 836, 1731, 1389

The Favorites:

836 (38.51) - The #1 seed from last season’s District Championship, The RoboBees are back with a great slick turreted pink arm on a swerve drive.

1731 (29.61) - After ranking 4th and helping the 2nd seed alliance to a Finalist showing at Blacksburg, Fresta Valley is poised to dominate in Bethesda. Lets see if they can increase their cycle time from Blacksburg.

4099 (17.10) - What a season for The Falcons in 2022. Lets recap: Ranked 4th at CHS District Championship, Turing Division Champions, played some absolutely killer matches on Einstein, and then IRI Champions. 4099 has another sleek black swerve bot ready for Bethesda. Check out their Open Alliance build blog.

Others to watch for:

1111 (25.80) -They might be a darkhorse for this event, but the PowerHawks are fielding another swerve drive, an effective ground intake, and a reliable handoff that should help them soar into the playoffs.

Hot takes from reveal videos and other inside info:

This data was gathered from social media, ChiefDelphi, and other publicly-available means including Week 0 events. These are in numerical order.

449 (23.08) - Blair Robot Project might be ahead of the curve on controls and code for their double jointed arm and swerve drive, and hopefully they have the auto routines back that up. A recently added ground intake should help their capabilities.

888 (13.74) - The Robotiators went down a different path from most CHS teams this year and heavily leveraged COTS parts and published designs. Their REVrybot has been complete for weeks, we hope this has translated into time for lots of drive practice and autonomous work.

4456 (11.10) - Mech Cadets is the only other team competing in this event that played last week in Blacksburg. Their experience last week should give them an edge over the competition this week.

What exactly is CHSyness? We’re glad you asked! We take real district event results (no Championship data, sorry 4099) and merge it with some magic formulas, throw in a little Elo, then mess with it until we like the results. The way we do the calculation is subject to change week to week. Super straightforward? Yeah, we thought so. Just trust us. As we move through the season, the 2023 events will be weighted higher than 2022 events.

Didn’t see your team mentioned? Send us a DM here on Chief Delphi with information about your robot.


What a wonderful platter, wish I had see it before dinner- a splendid appetizer.

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