CHS Platter - Week 2 : Rising Crust

Week 1 Recap - A Plethora of Penalties

Penalties again proved to be a major part of Week 1 events, with several teams falling victim to a G6 red card for throwing a hatch cover. Teams with arms and elevators should take care to avoid letting go of covers too early, as any greater than normal flight can be a target for a card.

In Haymarket, threat of snow compressed the Sunday schedule resulting in the last round of qualification catches being cut. Qualifications saw liberal usage of cargo as the primary point mechanism, followed up by L3 HAB points. Eliminations had plenty of drama, with a few yellow cards, 1 red card for forceful ejection of a hatch from the field, plenty of defense, and several matches decided by just 1 point. In Semifinals #4505 and #5549 turned up the heat with impressive driving and defending against the two dominant scorers of their respective opposing alliances, taking each SF set to 3 matches. Finals came down to two sets of scoring powerhouses that used different strategies: 1 seed 612/2363/1731 vs 2 seed 614/1418/6543. The 2nd seed sent a defender to harass the lowest-scoring bot of the other alliance, effectively making Finals a contest between the 4 top-scoring bots at the event. Ultimately victory was decided by just 1 point in both F-2 and F-3, including 1731’s last-second placement of cargo and full send to HAB Level 1 in F-3.

Meanwhile in Deep Run, the normal players took control of the show with 4 of the 6 (7?) finalist teams correctly predicted by the CHS Platter. As expected for Week 1, Qualifications scores were dominated by Hab points. This event did feature one full Rocket and 4RP Unicorn qualification match put on by 1262 and 1610, one of only 19 such matches during all of Week 1. #346 ran away with the 1 seed gaining 12 extra RP by having their Hab 3 climb working early and often. The winning alliance of 346/1262/539/6882 seemed to breeze through the playoffs even after a snafu in the quarterfinals gained the entire alliance a yellow card and calling a backup bot in (6882 replaced 539) before semifinals. The finalist alliance of 384/1610/3359 had a tougher road to the finals from the 3 seed, having to get past strong 6 and 2 alliances. Both finalist alliances implemented strategies of 2 offense and 1 defense bot but with Sparky’s climber broken their alliance was no match for the offensive power of 346/1262.

Interesting CHSy Facts:

  • Between both events, the only elims upset happened when 3 seed upset 2 seed in Richmond.
  • This was the first time that 2363 and 1731 ever paired up in the elimination rounds
  • 1262 has been a Finalist or Winner at least once every season since the switch to Districts.
  • 1 full rocket resulting in 1 Unicorn match so far in CHS.

CHS Platter - Week 2 - Rising Crust

While Bethesda may be the weakest event on paper in the district this season, it features the top team in CHS along with some rising stars. The record low CHSyness score is likely to lead to some interesting dynamics between the top teams and the rest of the field, with Alliance 1 likely to be one of the few finalists able to avoid a third match on the way to the banner. MDBET also managed to lose a few points of CHSyness during Week 1, dropping this event even lower in the table. This is also the first event for all but three teams, adding to the CHSy mess.

What exactly is CHSyness? We’re glad you asked. CHSyness is based off elimination selection position and elimination round participation over all district/regional events over the past 3 seasons (including this season).


Number of Registered Teams: 36

TBA page:


Livestream: Primary, Quad View

CHSyness: 6.04

Extra Sharp Prediction:

Winning alliance of 1885, 4472, and 2912

The Favorites:

1885 (22.17) - In 2017 ILITE decided they were done with their Event Winner drought. They’ve gone on to win ¾ of their district events and topped it off with a District Championship win last season. If last year is any indication, ILITE will come out of the gate slow and steady, then ramp up intensity as the event progresses. Rumored to have many photos of a non-purple bot, we expect “that purple team” to come into Week 2 with a full-feature machine and plenty of drive practice.

4472 (17.50) - 25th > 13th > 4th. Over the past 3 seasons SuperNOVA’s average rank at district events has done nothing but improve. This year they sport a robot that can address almost every game challenge, including one of the only compliant hatch mechanisms we’ve seen thus far. With an event win in each of the past two seasons, and one of the better reveal videos we’ve seen for CHS so far, we expect these rising stars to be in position to captain an alliance on Sunday and push for their 3rd district win.

Others to watch for:

5115 (15.83) - Regional ranks (42, 56); District ranks (8, 8, 7, 7, 17, 16). We think it’s safe to say the Knight Riders have embraced the district format. They have promised a release video but we’ve yet to see anything.

5587 (15.00) - Titan Robotics has had a very positive winning record for two straight years, and are hungry to make it further than ever into the season. Their 2019 robot looks like a pretty solid hatch specialist, and the drivers look to have had plenty of practice. After seeing how dominant cargo was in Week 1, we will see if Titan adapts to the game or finds partners to fill in their gaps. They’ve been able to grab the 1 rank 3 times previously but have not been able to bring home a win, they’ll have their chance at this event.

2537 (13.00) - Boasting what is quite possibly the largest sprocket ever seen in FRC and a magnet gripper that is sure to attract some attention, the Space RAIDers have quietly ranked high at their district events over the years but have only been able to pull in one win over the past 3 years. They did top off their season last year with a trip to the finals at the DCMP and with what appears to be the intent to climb they’ll be hoping to climb the ranks this week.

Hot takes from reveal videos and other inside info:

This data was gathered from social media, ChiefDelphi, and other publicly-available means. The Platter appreciates that these videos were mostly business and some fun - without all of the fluff from shaky-cam ‘highlight’ nonsense that plagues reveal videos these days. These are in numerical order.

449 (10.83) - A duck bill gripper should help them quackly grab and deploy Hatch Panels. Thankfully, this Blair Robot Project machine is tall enough to not escape through the field border.

1389 (6.83) - ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Just wait until you see it, you’ll understand. We’re not sure what The Body Electric is up to.

1727 (6.17) - We see a low Hatch placer, a Cargo mechanism capable of scoring in the Cargo Ship, and a lift cylinder to get REX to Hab 2. Don’t count this archetype out - it was the dominant scoring style in Haymarket.

5945 (11.67) - 4 LARGE cylinders, do you even lift, bro? We’re not quite sure exactly how Absolute Control will control the Cargo.

Season Platter Prediction Results:

  • There will be an average of 73 pizza boxes brought into events each week. (Current average: 74.011899889991197253 PB/Event/Week)
  • There will be 3 new CHS District prediction accounts this season, and a corresponding increase in cheese puns. (One down, two to go)
  • VAHAY - 1731, 2363, and 339
  • VAGLE - 384, 1262, and 1793

Want to see your team mentioned in the coming weeks? Make sure to upload a robot photo to TBA so we can check you out!


wait, 1086 isn’t mentioned at all? I need to talk to those writers again…
The best highlight of our weekend:


Are you telling me you guys tried to murder Lisa with your robot just so you’d get a mention in the Platter?


I’ll tell ya from my perspective from behind the glass, it sure look like we tried! but thankfully no one was really that close when we went over the top. Thank goodness our driver was really quick on the E-STOP.

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The Stags always love teaming up with Team 346 RoboHawks. Hopefully we can work together again in Blacksburg and George Mason. Shout out to 1610 for lighting up the rocket with us. Thanks to all the volunteers and Deep Run HS


Without getting ahead of ourselves, 346 wouldn’t mind boarding a rocket to deep space with you in Blacksburg.

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Just cause you didn’t come to Richmond.

What a great weekend. The Platter was really close with their predictions. I would like to thank all of the volunteers and everyone that put on this event. Great job Blue Cheese (1086) for hosting the event. Looking forward to Blacksburg and hopefully we can have another good tournament. Thanks to 346, 539, and 6882 for being great alliance partners. Congrats on the win…

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making my Blacksburg district predictions


Only if they don’t accidentally forget to pick them…

Better watch that big arm swinging around. See video of Blue Cheese above.

Hopefully we can get our cargo game going strong early and get our climb faster in order to stay competive

Does 346 and 449’s hatch mechanisms that can shift side to side count as compliant? I know 449’s uses vision but I am not 100% on what 346 is using.


Wow suprised no 1111. Should be an interesting event, excited to see how it goes :grin:

We use the wonderful vision of our drivers eyes with a USB lifecam.


Chad’s been helping 384 win competitions for a while now, I’d trust his judgement

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Compliance implies a passively agreeable behavior, not an active and corrective behavior.