CHS Platter - Week 4 - Supreme Pizza

In my post I mentioned that I did take it up the chain.
I spoke with Frank in person about it. FIRST’s position on it was “damn, that sucks, sorry” but they’re afraid of getting rid of volunteers even though apparently many others over the years have complained about her as well as me. I also went up the chain with CHS and was completely blown off because she’s friends with people who were staff on CHS at the time.
When people who are supposed to be protecting us and our students refuse to do anything, then it should go public. Literally the only coach I’ve ever met who truly likes her is you, Matt. Every single other person, from VA, MD, DC, or elsewhere who has coached under her has either been unimpressed or had a bad experience. And yet CHS wont do anything because they are friends with her and feel threatened by better refs such as the previous DCHP head refs.


try an non-medical incident form. There are procedures in place that have to be followed when they are completed. They all go to HQ.


You sir are speaking way out of turn here. Especially if we have ever met. If you can’t say something nice say nothing at all.
Bashing others via social media may be rampent but this orgainization should not be subject to or have people take part in this behavior.

deleting, post was already addressed above

This organization is not exempt from it’s members being criticized.


the tea? it’s piping


Feel your pain. We stopped going to an event for VERY similar reasons.

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There are officials that get paid a lot of money to officiate sports with rules that are consistent from year to year that make quite a few mistakes or mis apply rules. I have been involved at the the highest levels of Collegiate Athletics and have seen mistakes made some that have cost teams games. Never once has a regulating/sanctioning body ever changed a result once final. (and these are sports where millions of dollars are involved). I don’t see why that would be any different here. Is it ideal for the teams involved, obviously not, but one of them went on to win the District Event so for them it did not make much of a difference. I can’t speak to the other two teams or the benefit the other alliance got for the win.

I am glad there was the recognition of rule that was misinterpreted and it was fixed moving forward even though there was frustration from a group of people. I hope that both students and adults were able to model behavior that they would be proud.

I am very proud of robotics in our district and a looking forward to seeing great competitions these next several weeks.


2012 Champs on Archimedes the refs were awarding co-op bridge points incorrectly. It was brought to their attention Saturday morning ( we still played quals on Saturday back then) They went back and changed all the matches where the points were incorrectly awarded. Don’t see why they couldn’t have done this at any of the events this year…

Big stage = more of an audience?

High profile teams were involved including the team about to be in the HoF?

They’re just volunteers, Eric, please keep in mind mistakes don’t need to be corrected if you’re not getting paid.

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Precedent does have to be considered. It is unprecedented in most other areas.

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I don’t know if this deserves its own post but where does CHS lie in skill level compared to other district? With other regions having world famous powerhouses at some events, CHS always has seemed to play every game slightly differently than the rest of the world, becasue there is not usually one of these teams that takes over an event. Is the lack of a true powerhouse team increase or decrease the average level of play?

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I think it depends on your definition of a “powerhouse.” There’s certainly very strong and consistent teams in CHS such as 2363, 1885, 1610, 422 sometimes, 1629, for example, who serve as great examples for other teams. Then there’s a very clear layer of teams who are having breakout seasons and really developing their skills thanks to the district system, even from my outside perspective. Teams on the rise include but are not limited to 614, 1599, 1262, etc.

While you may not have one of those big powerhouse names around, I think the very top tier in CHS is helping raise the bar for everyone, especially with the help of districts. Definitely keep pushing your fellow teams to improve if you think there is more room to grow!


Using @Caleb_Sykes FRC ELO spreadsheet, this is what the average ELOs for each district look like. Not sure it really is a good example of how competitive a certain region is though, because regions with more rookie teams will tend to be lower. (ex. FIM) A distribution of ELO by region would be interesting. That would help sort out the powerhouse teams from the rookie teams who are still developing.

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Interesting, thanks for making that chart.

Overall, I would say that CHS is a strong district, but a well balanced one. We have a lot of high level teams, but no ‘powerhouse teams’ on the World Championship level.

I’d caution against using ELO to compare teams between districts. The reason being that ELO is primarily designed to measure performance relative to the field, not overall. Because most teams in districts generally don’t play out-of-district events (aside from the ~15% that get invited to champs), teams won’t see many matches against those from other districts and the ELO pools will remain mostly separate, and thus not reflect the (hypothetical) talent differences between two districts. If the conclusion that you’re trying to reach is “the average team in X is better than the average team in Y”, you’ll find that an average CHS team does as well in CHS as an average FIM team does in FIM: average. Thus, both teams will have a ~1500 ELO and the only thing this graph will show is noise.


Good point. I hadn’t considered the fact that most matches teams play in districts are against the same teams in the district. But since every district sends some teams to champs to play other teams, isn’t it still useful to compare as those teams who compete outside the district will raise the average of their district? And if what your saying is true, that most of the differences is just noise, wouldn’t that also make using ELO to rank teams and predict championship matches pretty useless too?

ELO is not a good estimate of a teams actual skill. The good thing about ELO is that it will more easily be applied to different games. Methods such as OPR fluctuate between different games based on how scoring works that particular year, same with DPR or CCWM.