CHS Platter - Week 6 - Return of the Cheese

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This is definitely the deepest field Chesapeake has pooled in years. Every team is a good pick in some form, so it will be really up in the air who will progress to eliminations and then worlds.

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Top secret 401 season plan, please do not leak.


where’s the fourth panel for 401 in the dcmp finals :slight_smile: :frowning: :sob:

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im cool with breaking again if it means making dcmp finals


i believe in you


686 is hoping for lots of this


I suppose I’ll leak a bit:


This whole no bag thing is pretty cool.


Welcome back cheese dude (or dudette). Always nice to see some detailed looks into teams from across the district :slight_smile:

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Looks awesome, thought why did you mention that 5587 had a “great greyt shooter”?


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does seem kinda sus ngl

Can confirm that the high goal shooter works



A new high score for the district!

Since there’s no thread for CHS 2022 I guess I’ll do my post-DCMP thank you post here. Haven’t written one of these in a while.

Team 401 had a great time at district champs, we were super excited to finally get to see all the northern CHS friends we hadn’t gotten to play with since 2019.

I’d like to of course thank our excellent alliance partners 4099: The Falcons and 5724: Salem Spartans for playing with us through some rough playoff matches. It was fun to finally get to play with our SWVA neighbors 5724, and I was impressed impressed with both their durability and capability throughout our elims matches. 4099 in general and @plusparth in particular have been a personal inspiration for a while but this season season they really stepped it up with their excellent Open Alliance content and I was thoroughly impressed at their organization, efficacy, and ability to persevere when facing challenges.

There were a LOT of people from 1086, 614, 612, and 620 who were quick to offer us help when our turret spontaneously switched to wireless mode due to a DIO short, and I’m grateful for all of the assistance. With all of their help we had replacement Ethernet, wire, crimps, and tools and were back to fully functional faster than I thought possible.

In addition to their help with the turret wiring repair, I’d like to once again reiterate how much I appreciate Jen and Joey from 614: Night Hawks for listening to all of my complaints and answering all of my inane questions over the course of another district champs. I’d also like to thank another hawk team, 1111: Power Hawks who loaned us tools several times over the course of the event and even gave our strategy lead a snack as a pick-me-up when he was feeling lost and stressed.

I was generally extremely impressed with the volunteers throughout the district championship. The robot inspectors seemed plentiful and mostly compassionate in their interactions with teams to a point that 30 teams were through inspection in just two hours on Wednesday and every team was inspected before practice matches started on Thursday. The FTAs and field staff were similarly kind in their interactions with teams, and managed to keep teams functional in a complex wireless environment. This event might have been the best experience I’ve had with queueing at an FRC event- I forget names but the person running queueing on the low number side of the FRC pits and the person on the red side of the field in particular were both awesome.

The last but by far most important part of this post though has to go to 422: The Mech Tech Dragons. Team 401 has been pit neighbors and friends with 422 since at least 2017, if you go back through my thank you posts you’ll find 422 listed time after time, year after year, after year. In this strange and challenging season comprised of single-day events, limited space, and limited team members Team 422 beyond stepped up across both of our district events and all the way through district champs. When we couldn’t get enough people together to remote scout for our district events 422 took in the scouts we did have and let them help gather and analyze their data. Regardless of if they were our alliance captain in one week or our opponent in finals the next whenever we inevitably lacked tools or parts or people 422 was steadfastly willing to lend a hammer or a hand or a hair tie or whatever we needed. Across those three events I couldn’t possibly enumerate all the times and ways we got help from the 422 pit crews, scouts, and team members so instead I asked the 401 students for anecdotes, here are just a few:

  • “Our scouting operation would simply not have been possible without them. I love @AMysterium he is really nice and also willing to help me out which was such a relief.”

  • “Having a friendly group of people even if you don’t know every member personally, that you can count on to even go farther than the expectations of gracious professionalism reduces oceans of stress”

  • “It was cool to stay in the same hotel. In the mornings they’d always wish us good luck and ask about our schedule for that day.”

  • “They really saved us several times with tools. We hadn’t packed L-shaped allen wrenches and couldn’t get to a bolt on the robot, one of their pit crew members went through a lot of theirs to find the right one and ended up working on our robot since I couldn’t get to the bolt myself.”

  • “They are a really fun group of people and are generally hilarious. Although sometimes the meme/productivity ratio gets a little off track, you need a laugh during competition or else you’ll go crazy so I thank them for that”

  • At some point they even repaid our old pit prank photo with one of their own.

So to @AMysterium, @weisenhauer, @Xenite, @Karstman, and all the other 422 members and mentors: We appreciate you and to us you are the epitome of gracious professionalism and some of the best that this program has to offer. Thank you all. :green_heart:


I guess I’ll follow Preston’s lead on this one with a thank you post:

It was awesome to get lots of old friends back together this year for DCMP. The teams were nothing but awesome to work with, and the volunteers really delivered on a stellar experience as well. Team 614 had a wonderful time.

A few specific shout outs from me:

Steve Shade did an incredible job as the Head Referee. He helped to assemble a team of one of the most experienced referee crews I’ve seen at any competition in the world. They were clear with rulings, and super consistent with calls throughout the event. When students went to the question box their concerns were heard, and Steve made sure that the answers given were correct and that the students understood the rulings that were given.

Our alliance partners for eliminations, Team 686 Bovine Intervention and Sparky 384, were awesome to work with. Thanks for trusting our potentially crazy strategies for a really really tough quarter final matchup. They both rose to the occasion, and we managed to pull off a completely penalty-free 2 defender strategy that almost worked.

To our quarter final opponents (and event winners!), Team 836 The RoboBees, Team 2363 Triple Helix, and Team 620 Warbots: Thanks for an incredible couple of matches. We knew going into it that we couldn’t keep up with such a high scoring potential so defense was absolutely necessary. I wouldn’t want to face any other teams on the other side of the arena. Sometimes tough defense leads to some hard feelings, but we knew that your teams would never take it that way. I’m happy to call you all friends and thanks for being so great.

We also didn’t have enough people to fully scout the competition. Team 1727 and 686 worked with us to get some pretty good data on teams over the course of the weekend. Without them we wouldn’t have been able to come up with some of the strategies that we did, and our scouts really appreciated it. Thanks @Matthew_Levis and @Richard_Sims for trusting in our system and having your teams work with us.

Afnan from 4472. You were an incredible advocate for students during Ramadan. Thank you for being such a great leader and example for the entire district. All of your resources for mentors and students on the ins and outs of observing Ramadan were so helpful this week. It was such a pleasure to work with you and make sure that there was a prayer room that anyone could access but you deserve all the credit in the world for pushing for it to happen.

That was Tess, she’s pretty great. Queuing is such a difficult thing to get correctly, and she was on point the entire time.

Thanks CHS teams and volunteers for making district championship this year an awesome experience for Team 614. You all continue to show how incredibly gracious you can be while making sure that a positive student experience is the main focus.


This is a little belated as I got swamped back at school last week. We wanted a chance to put as many of 422’s thoughts together in one post here as we could.

Thank you to all of the many volunteers that made District Champs such a fun event for all of the participants. It was truly wonderful to be able to compete with our entire team and parents, grandparents and fans cheering us on in the stands. For many of our students, this was their first in-person event. Thank you to so many teams who helped us along the way this season and at DCMP.

Thank you for inspiring us with your bot design and allowing us to use the STEM gym. The ring and field equipment were especially helpful for our last-minute tuning, and we appreciated the time that Nate (@Nate_Laverdure) spent to help us. Thank you for the white gaffer’s tape and the fuses you lent us while we were there and at the competition.

To our alliance partners–
1111- Great fun cheering together- We Are Proud of You! Thank you for picking us. Good luck at worlds.

Thank you to 2363, 888, 449, and 401 for lending us tools, parts, and a hand during competition. Making it through the competition would not have been easy without the generosity of these teams.

And to our friends at 401, copperhead robotics– Throughout the season every interaction with 401 has been beyond pleasant. When we showed up week 1, they rearranged their pit to create a more open space for us to work. When our drivetrain failed at the same competition, we certainly were more in their pit than our own but they gave no fuss and offered their help. This sort of shared pit space and camaraderie continued throughout the season and made it much easier to work with the size limited pits of this year, as well as the smaller competition teams and pit crews. Throughout all our events they were quick to offer up tools and spares whenever we were in need, even outside of competitions. Having an extended robotics community to cheer for and with during competitions enhanced the experience of FIRST, and the generosity, GP, and grace that 401 afforded us was invaluable. Thanks Preston (@pchild) and Brandon.


This was linked to me by another one of our mentors, so I figured I find my old CD account I made in like sophomore year of high school and hop on.

Huge thanks to everyone who made District Champs possible. Like other teams, this was the first in person experience for a lot of our kids and it really got a lot of them excited and engaged. We’ve got a lot of new kids so having this sort of experience for them was awesome!

Great job to all who competed! The matches were super exciting and showed a great level of gameplay!

Thanks for the shoutout @Jbkerns! I’m glad I was able to support the students and get other mentors up to speed on Ramadan! I’m grateful that CHS logistics people were willing to be flexible with me and be open to my ideas with short notice so that the prayer room could exist. Thank you so much for your offering your support when I ran across difficulties! I appreciate knowing I have your backing. I hope to continue advocating for students of all backgrounds and making more mentor friends as I get more ingrained into the CHS FRC community.

Good luck to all at Worlds!

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In the rush to finally get my post finished at 2:30 AM I completely blanked on including another team that I hadn’t seen recognized but who our team members seriously appreciated throughout the season - 1908: Shorebots.

I’m not sure if was part of 1868’s Menstrual Equity Initiative, or if it was their own idea, but 1908 was kind enough to provide care packages in the bathrooms at both of our district events and at the district championship that had menstrual products as well as things like safety glasses wipes and hair ties for people to take as needed.

Seriously a great idea and I hope people continue and expand the concept. Thank you for doing it.


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