CHS Splatter- DCMP (When the CHS Platter hits a wall)

As the 2017 First Cheese-a-peke district events have begun to wind down, it’s time to prepare for district champs! This year, we have 58 different teams from Virginia, Maryland, and DC (District of cheesiness) vying to take home the hardware. Will we see more 4-rotor matches? Another 40 kPa match? Any parody that pushes human tolerance? Anything can happen!

(By the way, this thread is what happens when CHS Platter hits a wall.)

In the lead, in terms of district points at least, is 1885, who could probably qualify for worlds just by showing up. Despite having no mechanism to handle field filler (referred to as FUEL), they have a ground gear intake faster than any other at the event, and a remarkably quick climb. 384, and their Siamese twin, 1080, look to dominate the competition as well, again employing a ground-gear intake alongside a fast climber. If we combine the colors of 384 and 1885, winners of the Central Virginia event, together, we get the colors of Clemson, who’s coach is Dabo Swinney, whose name evokes a particular “dance”, which is literally horrendous, which suggests that this competition, in fact, wide open in scenic downtown Richmond, VA.

Among some other contenders:

2363, Triple Helix, is hoping that the 50% additional DNA will cause their robot to perform 50% better than the competition, rather than developing into a major disease.
1111, the Power Hawks, is most certainly proud of you.
346, That One Team That Shoots Fuel In Auto, is hoping to continue shooting fuel in auto.
540, Talon, the 3rd avian team in a row on this (semi-satirical) list, hopes to use a win in Southwest Virginia to soar above the rest, and make sure we differentiate them from Team Talon, 1598, and the 5 other “talon” teams I found on Blue Alliance.
1731, Fresta Valley Robotics Club, is hoping to stay fresh after a district win and semifinalist appearance.
4242, a team made almost entirely of 8th and perhaps 9th graders, is hoping to play with, and potentially beat, the big boys. They literally have the word “fresh” in their name, which officially makes them fresher than Fresta, but this game feels somewhat stale after 5 weeks, so who knows.
1086, who secretly runs both CHS Platter (100%) and CHS Splatter (110%), will also be attending. Hopefully they can Brie their best and not curdle under pressure.
Teams 1262, the Stags, and 401, Copperhead, seem like they would be natural enemies, but appear to do just fine with one another. To be fair, I do wonder why Copperhead hasn’t gone after a bird team yet… I guess strength in numbers.
Team 422, the Mech Tech Dragons, is looking forward to walking 5 minutes to the venue, and will try to keep the Payne Train from loosing its brakes.
Team 6334, the Alluminati, is worried you’ll get hypnotized if you look too deep, which could be a problem given a deep field.
Team 587, the Hedgehogs, actually have enough points to qualify, despite not being in the district.

Interesting read.

Well memed, maybe we’ll see 4 RP at some point?

If you get 346, 1885, and 384 together, sure, maybe.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

I’m glad we’re not eligible. I’m still exhausted after NC State Championships last weekend. Four competitions in five weeks will wear you down.

Looking forward to seeing everyone

449 hopes to have our “side peg and shoot” auto no longer missing by a couple inches/seconds. However, as it’s impossible to really tune off the field, we’ll have to see!

Wonders if Blackwater fell into a Black hole.

We sure are proud of YOU!

I love that a random thing a few kids yelled last year has become what we’re known for.

Certainly not a bad thing to be known for…

We’re super excited to soar to District Champs this week and look forward to seeing all of our friends and hopefully making a few new ones as well!

[sarcasm]I have to tell me kids to stop making new accounts… [/sarcasm]

Sorry, too busy fighting monkeys on a Monday to Friday plane.

I for one am excited to get my hands on some of Triple Helix’s magic tool box.

Should be a fun competition.

A couple days ago, when our new box arrived, we replaced the locks back to stock and peeled off a bunch of stickers… it’s ready for you!

Hey! We have an 11th grader, too! and… and a 7th grader. Fun fact - I have to attach our rope to the davit because no one on our team is tall enough.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Thursday!

I would say 836 and 1629 may have something for this list!

We’ve been working on autonomous fuel but doing that on a wooden chassis robot in the hay loft of our barn “practice field.”

We are still fresh from the valley…

Good luck to everyone!

wow so much virginia bias I’m guessing first chesapeake staff wrote this

funny… I was thinkin’ the same #twinning

Well, we both know Zach’s thinking it