CHS teams: Sharing a POD to ship items to Houston

RoboLoCo, Team 5338, is getting an 8’x8’ POD to ship down to to Houston. If any CHS teams are interested in sharing the space/cost please let us know. The total cost for the round trip is $2191. If cost is an issue, please let us know. We’d like to fill this as much as possible with CHS teams! If we get enough interest today, we maybe able to upgrade to a bigger box as well.

Please DM me if your team might be interested.


All items would need to be dropped off at the POD facility in Manassas by 8AM TOMORROW(Tuesday, 4/12), we plan on getting to the facility to drop our items off at 7am Tuesday.

In Houston, I believe the POD will be dropped off ~1 block from the Convention Center, so so you may have to walk a bit bringing your items, or have a vehicle for that last step.

The return trip POD will be dropped off a the Academies of Loudoun, NOT the Manassas POD location. But this will be a lot less time sensitive.


8x8 is not that much space. especially if you are shipping your robot. The next size up is 8x16. A lot simpler in many ways that doing a truck.

Thankfully it doesn’t look like we will need to put any robots in the POD, and I think everyone’s stuff should fit at the moment. Depending on how it works out this year, I think we may consider planning on getting a POD earlier to fit more things in. Hopefully there won’t be as quick a turn around in future years!

I will say - some approach like this is something I wish was coordinated by districts or regions in general. For many teams getting equipment to championships is a massive hurdle.


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