CHSy Champs Offseason Competition 2022! (VA)

Hi y’all! 1086 is really excited to announce CHSy Champs for a second time, on October 22, 2022. We really hope we can see you there!! Team and volunteer registration is open at CHSy Champs — Blue Cheese Robotics

Some highlights:

-Optional load in Friday, October 21st at 7pm
-Space for 32 robots
-Veteran robots are $300 and $450 for two
-$100 for rookie teams
-On the 22nd, doors open at 7:30am
-Out of state teams are welcome


I see the name has stuck.


Annual disclaimer:
There is absolutely no affiliation between this event and Chezy Champs, the similarly named event that has taken place in San Jose, CA since 2014.

Best of luck with your event!


you mean this isn’t the poofs’ east coast event???

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honestly the pronunciations should be switched in my opinion given how Chesapeake is pronounced

I always pronounce it C-H-Y-ee champs

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Who’s trying to bury anything? While we certainly might prefer a less ambiguous name, more offseasons is a great thing for the community!


Glad for more offseason events but I think the fact that one has to add a (VA) to the title kinda means the name is too close to something else.


Taking bets on when the first year will be where this event’s thread is about the actual event and not people complaining that the event held a month later than and on the opposite side of the country from another event has a name that’s kinda similar to it


I’m gonna change my name on Chief to bobby², do you mind? I’m on a totally different side of the country and the names are only kind of similar.


As long as you aren’t actively trying to impersonate me, go for it!

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Although I am the coach of 6800, we have a booster club that operates above me that handles a lot of logistics for me like travel, hospitality, registrations, etc.

One day when I ask them to register for Chezy/CHSy champs, they are going to sign up for the wrong one accidentally and all of the sudden we have flights taking our kids to the opposite side of the country…

I even clicked on this thread checking for rule changes or conversation regarding the west coast tournament that we will be attending only to realize it was a different tournament.

I support the off-season event, I do not support the name. Wayy too confusing.


Honestly I’d be more worried about the booster club having no checks to confirm that the name/dates didn’t match and that the flights were significantly longer and more expensive than what was expected.

I clicked on this thread expecting to read this years complaints about the offseasons name. At least one of us wasn’t dissapointed.


Perhaps it’s an homage.

That’s the point… The name DOES match.

Flights from TX->CA vs TX->VA are about 4 hours and the same price…

All I am saying is that naming a competition the same as an existing competition adds unnecessary confusion. “Confirming that the names/dates match” is just asking for accidents to happen. And for what reason??

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This year there will likely be 5 offseason “Rumbles”. Hopefully teams won’t accidentally go to the wrong one :pensive:.


Hopefully nobody accidentally went to TRI instead of IRI, especially since they were only 1 week apart. With serif fonts there’s only a 1 line-stroke difference!


I believe the term is fromage.


I keep accidentally going to CowTown Throwdown instead of MadTown Throwdown! It’s so easy to overlook that the travel is only a 3 hour drive instead of a flight that makes a stop in Denver…