CHSy Champs Offseason Competition [Virginia]

Team 1086 Blue Cheese is excited to announce CHSy Champs, our offseason event on Saturday, July 24th, 2021 at Deep Run High School!

Teams can find more information and registration here: CHSy Champs — Blue Cheese Robotics, but here’s some highlights:

  • Registration is $200 for one robot, $350 for two (Rookie teams are free)
  • We have space for up to 32 robots (exact team count will be based on how many second bots are registered)
  • Teams are encouraged to self inspect
  • Event is located at Deep Run High School in Glen Allen, VA
  • There is an optional load in and field calibration on Friday evening
  • Teams from out of state are welcome to attend!

Covid Stuff:

  • Attendees must be fully vaccinated or present a negative test from within 72 hours of the event
  • No Spectators - the event will be livestreamed
  • Masks will be required indoors
  • Food and Drink will be consumed outdoors
  • Distanced Pits
  • Drive Teams will wipe down their driver station before and after every match
  • Teams will conduct COVID-19 Symptom screening before the event
  • Each robot registered can have 15 people total (minimum of two mentors, and 2 robots doubles the number of attendees you may bring)
  • Policies subject to become stricter if required by HQ and/or CHS guidelines

Thanks to everyone who’s signed up so far! So far we have 8 teams signed up for 10 slots. We’re allowing up to 32 slots, so make sure you sign up!

Team list:

  • 1727
  • 1599
  • 5724
  • 339
  • 623
  • 2614 (We’d love to have some more out of state teams to come!)
  • 384 x2
  • 1086 x2

A few questions we’ve gotten over the last few days:
Q: Will the event be on an official field or wooden one?
A: We’re renting an official field and FMS from CHS.
Q: Even though there are no spectators, are teams allowed to scout?
A: Yes - the “no spectators” refers to no outside individuals coming in other than the 15 limit. Team members who are not in the pits can be seated in designated areas in the stands to scout, but no parents, siblings, etc.
Q: Is the vaccine/test requirement a local/state guideline, or an event one?
A: This requirement is an event requirement. We decided it would be essential to hosting a safe event, even though it is not required by the state.

Thanks to everyone who’s signed up!


To be honest, I am not a fan of the event name. I think ya’ll could be a little more creative and at the same time confuse fewer people. I can’t be the only one thinking this?


Greetings Travis,
What are your concerns?




Gonna help you guys out here… 254 has been hosting an offseason event called Chezy Champs since 2014.

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I’m not Travis, but “Chezy Champs” and “CHSy Champs” sound sufficiently similar when spoken (at least how I would say it) that it would be easy for someone to confuse which event is being referred to.

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Thanks for the update, I’m aware of the event. but I am honestly curious. How could someone confused about these two events ? They are on different coasts for crying out loud.

Look: It fits out team theme, it’s a play on the CHS name, and imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
oh and it’s pronounced “cheesy.”



wow this is almost as scandalous as when people found out there’s more than one circuit breakers team.


I have a question. How far are teams allowed to travel from? :thinking:

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Teams can come from wherever they want - So far we have one team from out of state (WV), and would be happy to have more!

I think we are going to limit this to only teams within 7926 miles from Glen Allen. (sorry for the physics humor, but that’s the farthest distance from another point on the earth)

Was kind of hoping you would say 2,868 miles.


I would say practically, you’re looking at however far you can travel and still have a negative test within 72hr of the event, unless you bring only vaccinated individuals.

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Hey Siri, how long does it take to get from New Hampshire to Virginia?

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Leave at 11pm, be there for load in. Nice easy 9 hour drive from SNH.


Is elims just going to be a battle of which cheese reigns supreme?


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If you’d like to avoid the red-eye drive, feel free to come for the Friday evening load-in

3015 and 340 are looking at attending this event and it’s 8 hours for us. Worth it.