CHSy Effect- Week One – Origins of CHS

CHSy Effect- Week One – Origins of CHS

In the middle of peaceful alliances were forming when Maryland nation attacked Virginia… Wait, my job isn’t to start a flame war…

Let us welcome everyone to the 2019 FIRST Chesapeake Oracle, who is replacing the totally unbiased cough dab cough CHS Platter. This year our CHSy contestants have reached DEEP back into the back of their cheese cellars to pull out all the stop. All the way to the point that some of them have caused them to create an irreplaceable empty SPACE in their cellars.

Alright besides my terrible non-existent attempts at puns, the Chesapeake district has been growing in many ways and we see many teams consistently competing with sustainability a key goal over the process of making many new teams. But still, several new teams have formed and are attempting to get a piece of the CHS this year.

Let’s see how this season will go:

Let us look at some of Chesapeake’s hardest hitters for this season:

  • 346- Mech Tech Dragons
  • 2363- Garrett Coalition
  • 384- the STAGS
  • 401- Fresta Valley Robotics Club
  • 1885- RoboBees
  • 836- ILITE Robotics
  • 1731- Copperhead Robotics
  • 1262- Sparky 384
  • 1629- Triple Helix
  • 422 – RoboHawks

Extra Sharp Season Prediction:

  • All teams that have previously won district championship will not be a part of the winning alliance.
  • At least one team will be a first-time win District Championship Chairmen’s
  • Every team in CHS will have been in eliminations once in their life, by the end District Championship.

CHS Week 1:

The Chesapeake district is not having a disappointing start, with having 7 of our top contender’s bots, facing off at 2 district events. You can expect some strong clashes & Powerful alliances at [VAHAY] the fierce teams of 1629, 1731, and 2363 going to rock the school. While at [VAGLE] you will be able to see 346, 384, 422, and 1262 facing off in familiar territory.

CHS District Haymarket VA Event 2019 [VAHAY]

Number of Registered Teams: 39

Event page:

TBA page:

Location: Battlefield High School, Home of 1885, ILITE Robotics

The Favorites:

1629 : One of the most prominent Maryland teams, this fierce team with their ability to reach all 3 levels of the rocket and swift pick up of both cargo and hatches from both the feeder station and floor make them an immediate threat to any of their opponents. Followed up with H Drive and this is an ideal scenario for them.

1731 : Another Strong Virginia Team, last year we the districts strongest auto bearer, but their Tele-OP was underwhelming. Rumors have it they’re going all out this year doing all 3 levels and finishing off with a level 3 HAB Climb.

2363 : Last year Triple Helix seemed to be shutout of most events they attended, but this year this team is looking for come back with their level 3 HAB climb and Full Rocket capabilities let see how they play.

Others to watch out for:

623 : Always a creative and fun team. But always shy of the top of the leaderboard. Will this year site a new Cougar that it will eat up CHS.

1418 : Vae Victis this year is presenting CHS with another Robot capable of doing all 3 levels, but instead of opting to go a Level 3 Climb, they go for a Level 2 Climb, will this swift climb help them at this fierce competition?

316 : Lunatec, at least this time it isn’t TechFire! This team from the MARS district is definitely recognizable in their own district, but why wouldn’t you pick this team. It a space theme game this year, makes sense right?

Chairman’s Favorite:

1629 : GaCo proved to have more than one side, being a strong bot with also a powerful chairmen’s team, I believe we have a winner right here.

This bagel needs some cream CHS… (Thank god this is hosted in the home school of a Cheesy team, also get it, VAGLE… BAGEL… hehe, stop me please)

CHS District Richmond VA Event 2019 [VAGLE]

Number of Registered Teams: 38

Event page:

TBA page:

Location: Deep Run High School, Home of 1086, Blue Cheese

The Favorites:

346 : RoboHawks after their mediocre 2017 performance, proved to us how effective shooters can be if applied to the right scenario in 2018. Being one of the most consistent performers in the district will we see this team shoot for the moon once more?

384 : Sparky 384 in the last few years have been one of most dominant teams in the Chesapeake district excluding 2016 (apparently they don’t like talking about it?). Will Sparky take this event with their low goal scorer with end game level 3 flip?

422 : Mech Tech after a mediocre 2017 performance, truly went all out to completely wiped their Blue Banner drought to win, 2 events, and become division finalist last year. This year we can we expect another strong year or will they crash.

Other to Watch for:

1086 : After their off year of 2017, 1086 started a subtle climb back up, last year they were a decent bot during district events, and then eventually played a strong offensive role in district champs. Let hope this time they won’t let the magic smoke pour out at their own event. Rumors have it that there going all 3 levels, which may shake up the playing field.

5546 : A.R.T. last year had a strong season playing significant roles in determining what happened in elimination at all district events they attended. Will they use their A.R.Tistic product turn the tides at this event.

6334 : The last two years 6334 had taken unorthodox methods to make an impressive bot, what will they show us at this event?

Chairman’s Favorites:

1086 : Ever since they started to host the event at their own school they’ve been winning all them at their own school, expect another win in their pocket

I’ll see you all at Weel 2.

Good Luck CHS!


CHSy Effect


wow finally a prediction account that might be impartial and might not be 1086 this is so refreshing



The grammar in this post shows some spectacular editing, well done!


I think every team should have their own in-house anonymous predictions account.


Hopefully you get the team names right in the next one :confused:


oh man ive always wanted to be bird team


Don’t leave us hanging, man :frowning:


Sorry, my anon account only posts in CHS Mentors. :sunglasses:


What you mean those are the right names…

I would like to confirm that I did not major in English.


Alas, I’m neither anonymous, nor on a team, nor on Facebook. :disappointed:


Super excited to watch my favorite team, 1629 Triple Helix, play in Week 1.


You may not like it, but this is what peak CD predictions look like


straight from the turning point USA school of comedy


I just want to add on that a team to watch out for is 7429 Convergence. I got to see what they were working on about halfway through the build season, and it is incredible that they have been able to have the level of organization they do as a rookie team. I predict at least top 12 for them.

I think you mean this is what CHSy Peak predictions look like. :smiley::smiley::smiley:

No they are the correct names! The order of the teams/team numbers is incorrect! No real harm done!! I hope this helps fix the confusion :smiley:

  • 346- RoboHawks
  • 2363- Triple Helix
  • 384- Sparky 384
  • 401- Copperhead Robotics
  • 1885- ILITE Robotics
  • 836- RoboBees
  • 1731- Fresta Valley Robotics Club
  • 1262- the STAGS
  • 1629- Garrett Coalition
  • 422 – Mech Tech Dragons


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I have seen 4 flipper robots so far and 2 of them will be next to each other in week one.

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Howdy neighbor

Hey now, we are atleast a third as good as 225