Chunking with Neo Gearbox

Currently our 3 CIM Ball shifter with 6 total Neos is creating a chunking noise on one side. We have found that it is because the motor or the spark max is outputting 0.0 percent v bus every so often (printing to the counsel) despite us sending a different value to the motor (confirmed because also printing out on counsel). We tried plugging the gearbox into our other 3 spark maxes on the other side to no avail. We also tested motors and sparks individually and could not trace the issue to a single motor or spark. Any suggestions?

Maybe it’s the code? Post that so someone can double check it.

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Yeah that’s what we were working through but the code appeared to be the same for the left and right side

If you haven’t found the problem, it’s because you’re missing something.

And if you’re missing something and asking for help, you’ll need to expose the entire troubleshooting process. Since code is the easiest place to “cut the problem in half”, it should be the first step.

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