cilinder issues (big trouble)

this is 2013 at the waterloo regional and we had to switch out all of our cylinders due to the being against the rules. We ordered them trough a first confirmed company and they were lebeled “fit for first”.:ahh:

make sure u check ur cylinders cus there are many teams here that cant start now.:mad:

Could you please let us know what kind of cylinders they are?

Re-analyze the rules as much as possible – if they’re exactly what the rules specify then you should be ok and need to appeal the inspection somehow. Be sure to include rule updates and a bit of Q&A in your research.

If your cyllinders fall within any gray area or you didn’t go through the exact vendors specified in the pneumatics manual (even though the rules state you MUST use those vendors) then this is a tough lesson.

Remember also that you can’t use any bore size you feel like. Only 3/4", 1-1/2", and 2" are allowed. This is a common source of confusion with pistons.

Also, didn’t the inspectors tell you why they weren’t allowed?

yes the actual problem was that they were reconstructable. There are several teams now that have a simmilar problem. We were helped out with new cilinders and we are quite sure that we wont have to pay for them.