CIM acronym

Does anybody know what CIM stands for? It doesn’t seem to be vendor specific.

Made In China (backwards).

just kidding


In the bottom corner of the CIM data sheet from AndyMark, it says "CCL Industrial Motor Limited (CIM). I assume that’s the company that manufactures them.

Here’s a link to the data sheet -

CCL Industrial Motor. CCL stands for Chiaphua Components Limited.

They make the motors for the various vendors/distributors (including Atwood Mobile, FIRST, Fisher-Price, AndyMark, BaneBots, IFI, etc.).

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Chiaphua Industries Motor or the Division name CCL Industrial Motor Ltd

Chiaphua Industrial Motors, the original maker of the CIM.

Well played. :slight_smile:

Glad to know the real origin too, always wondered.

So what does BAG stand for?

It’s much nicer to say CIM then Chiaphua, which is what people used to call them (or chalupa).

CCL is a very high end motor company (technically a Hong Kong company), with factories in China. They make most of the high end motors for industrial food processors and have a specific factory for wheel chair motors and entire wheel chairs. They make the CIM motor, IFI BAG motor, and MiniCIM motor. I am pretty sure they make the AM 9015 motor and the PG motors from AndyMark.

I have visited that factory and they are top notch in quality and manufacturing processes.

BAG is an internal acronym used at IFI whose name just stuck. I can tell you that the last initial stands for Globe. Those of you that remember the Globe motor and gearbox will understand our love for the Globe motor. We figured we could design a better Globe motor …

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It stands for Cascade** I**nductance Motor

I… I loved that globe motor! :cries:

Large Bottomed Globe? :rolleyes:

hey, that doesn’t quite work… :wink:

Apologies, I should have specified CIM motor. However, I now know more about cascade control methods for motor speed control thanks to you.

The Chiaphua Industries Motor explanation is a winner. The VEX datasheet for their CIM motors also shows it in the title block.

Thanks Everyone!

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I’ve also heard Compact Industrial Motor.

The Globe Motor and transmissions were, and are because we have a drawer full of them, a bomb proof set up.

If the BAG motor is supposed to be a better, or Big A$$ Globe motor, what transmission would you pair it with to get the same insane durability and robustness, VersaPlanetary 100:1?

If I recall correctly, the Globe trans was 117:1, or there about.

Anyone else say “Awww, how cute!” when they opened the Vex Pro box and saw the BAG motor?

Back in '02 when it debut, it was common to refer to it as a Chip, short for Chiaphua. When it was included in the kit back then it came with an output shaft that was pinion stock, (32 dp, 10 tooth, IIRC) which made it more of a challenge to integrate it into a system. Then in '03 it came with the familiar 8mm shaft like we see today. Someone told me back in '02 that the original Chip motor was/is used in RV jacks and the integrated pinion was there to mate with a gearbox whose output shaft turned the jack screw.

I’ve seen a CIM in its “native” environment, mounted to the gearbox of an RV leveling jack. There happened to be a couple of FRC students nearby at the time, and they were amused to find it in a real world application.

Depending on region, many here called it a Chalupa after the Taco Bell featured new item of the time. I still do and then everyone gives me the “that’s the old guy” look and I step back into the shadows…
The jack screw drive was one of the more common uses for this motor.