CIM + Alternative Motor Drive systems

A couple people on my team, including myself, were looking into creating a transmission which uses the CIM and the Andymark motor in the KOP. (The motor would need to be geared down 3:1 before entering a normal toughbox gear ratio).

This would save us weight on motors, power, and free up two CIMs for other applications.

We were wondering if any others had considered, or tested a similar concept. I have heard of teams pairing CIMs and FP motors, and was wondering if anyone could relay there experience.


Check these out

AM makes a planetary box that takes a FP motor and makes it a virtual CIM in terms of output shaft, mounting, and RPM.

I have a similar question. What do people think is a better option to replace one of the CIMs in a 2-CIM transmission, a fisher price + AM Planetary or a BB RS-775 + CIM-u-lator gearbox? (i.e., CIM + one of these in a toughbox)

The FP is more powerful and more reliable.

So with the KOP FP motor this year, putting those into a CIM-Sim is functionally equivalant to using a CIM?

Ok thank you. That’s what I thought.

So, we are also wondering which type of fisher price to use, the 0673 or the 9015.

The 0673 is the more powerful motor, and according to AM when you put it on an AM planetary it gives you 5500 rpm (, which is close to the CIM free speed of 5310 (according to the motor data from the KOP website).

But, on our robots we used the 9015 with the old version of the AM planetary (the blue/red one), which worked fine, and on AM’s page about the new gearbox by itself (, it lists the 9015 as the motor input that fits. However, according to AM’s page with the AM planetary with 9015 motor pre-installed (, the speed of that is 3200 rpm, nowhere close to the free speed of the CIM.

I’m very confused.

Could be an efficiency issue. (The motor might operate more slowly, because the planetary gearbox itself is providing a load, and using some energy.)

Alternatively, maybe the speed is just lower (either because of efficiency or ratio), and it works fine because the CIM and the F-P are loaded to different points in their power curves, but still operating comfortably.

After looking into it some more, we are considering a FP w/ Planetary Gear box + CIM drive.

Has anyone else used similar drive motors?