CIM (Atwood/Chipua) Purchase

Does anyone know a good source for purchasing CIM (Atwood/Chipua) motors in the off season?

I would appreciate your help.


Those motors are made specifically for FIRST. MMH handled their sale in the past but I believe they have shut that down, at least until the new season. You may want to try the new CD Swap system on this site.

EDIT: If you want the 2002 version (gear cut into output shaft), then you could probably buy the whole Atwood Jack but I’ve heard that is like $400.

You can get the motors by buying the motorized jack screw they are made for. It is a trailer accessory.

Al’s right…I knew this and forgot. The RV place on 309 just North of Montgomeryville used to heve them (right down the road from you). Give them a call.

As I previously stated above the motors (2003 and 2004 versions) with the keyed output shaft are manufactured specifically for FIRST. You will not find them in any RV jack, or anywhere else for that matter. What you will find in one of those RV jacks is the 2002 version of the motor with the wierd pitch gear cut into the output shaft, and the mating cluster gear.

Someone please correct me if I’m worng but I’m pretty certain that is correct.