CIM Coolers How to Use

So one of the vouchers in KOP gives you a free CIM cooler. I’m wondering to use this, do you just place it on or is there some sort of adhesive you apply?

A bit of thermal paste wouldn’t hurt - something for CPU coolers like arctic silver is cheap and readily available.

While they probably can’t hurt, the CIM coolers probably won’t help dissipate heat much faster than normal. The part of the motor that heats up with use is the windings, which sit on the motor shaft. Since CIM motors are sealed, they don’t allow air to circulate through them. So most of the heat leaves the CIM-style motors through the shaft (which is directly connected to the hot part), rather then through the case, which is only connected to the hot part through the air inside the motor or bearings touching the shaft.

If you’re interested in cooling your CIM motors faster, you can look into using hollow screws to flush cool air through the motors between matches. There are a number of threads here on CD about how to do that.


I’ve thought about the vented screws too. Here’s one from Mcmaster. But stainless, so a little weaker than normal. How would I get the air into it?

You can see how in this thread about our vented gearbox design.

If you want to learn how to build a drivetrain that uses this gearbox, watch our instructional video series.

Well thats an interesting tidbit. Thanks a bunch

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