CIM Legality

In the rules section <R51> it states:

“D. One or two additional 2-1/2” CIM motors (part #FR801-001 and/or M4-R0062-12) in addition
to those provided in the Kit Of Parts. This means that up to four, and no more, 2-1/2” CIM
motors can be used on the ROBOT.”

So, the question then is, Can a CIM motor of a larger or smaller size than mentioned in <R51 D> (2-1/2” CIM motors) be legally used on the robot (that are not of a previous robots)? By all suppositions and according to <R52 A> “(Motors that are prohibited)Electric motors and/or servos different from, or in addition to, those in the Kit of Parts, with the exception of those specificalLy PERMITTED in <R51>.”. This implies that becuase motors that are not of the sizes of the CIM motors mentioned in <R51> are allowed they are therefore mentioned in that section and are thus legal.

You may only use the CIM motors provided and a maximum of 4.

<R52> prohibits motors other than those in the kit and those specified in <R51>D. The bolded text from <R51> specifies the 2 1/2" CIMs and part numbers, so any CIMs you use other than the two provided in the kit must be the same 2 1/2" size/design motor.

I see what you mean. <R52> says that motors not prohibited are those specifically allowed by <R51>, which says specifically permitted motors are the ones in the KOP among other things. This means that the motors your team received in its KOP are legal, not that all types of motors that come in the KOP are legal in any quantity.

While the logic is a little fuzzy, the intent is clear: you can use all motors permitted by <R51>, and can use no motors not permitted by <R51>.

One thing FIRST discourages is “lawyering” of rules; just because there’s some slightly ambiguous wording in one of them does not mean you should try to pick it apart to gain an advantage. Besides, I doubt you’d be able to convince an inspector that your robot was legal if you did what you’re suggesting.

Rule 51 D says 4 and no more 2 1/2" CIM motors. What about Cims of other sizes?
Curious because it doesn’t say ‘4 CIM motors total- of any size’.

The rule boils down to this: you may use a grand total of 4 Cim motors identical to the ones in the kit. You may not use the larger 3" Cims that have been provided in previous years.

Rule <R52> says you can’t use any other size of CIM, since they are different from those provided in the KOP. And the ones permitted by <R51> are the 2-1/2" size.

<R52> Items specifically PROHIBITED from use on the ROBOT include:
A. Electric motors and/or servos different from, or in addition to, those in the Kit Of Parts, with the exception of those specifically permitted by Rule <R51>.