CIM motor count restriction

Reading R33’s, there would seem to be an implication that the number of CIM motors is unlimited this year. However, in the example of R33 there is a mention of the 6-limit. I can’t find the limit explicitly stated in a rule though.

Anyone else notice? Am I missing something, or is this probably just a good Q&A question?

I noticed the same thing… I couldn’t find a limit on motor count anywhere besides the blue box. Odd. Like they forgot a rule or goofed when copying the rules over.

This is what team updates are for. Q&A it.

A member of our team uncovered this gem as well.

Definitely Q&A material.

Cool! Haven’t lost my sanity (yet). Thanks!

Well if someone finds out please let us know!

One of the first things I saw when I began doing a cursory overview of the manual. It looks as though when they put the chart/spreadsheet in the manual, they forgot to include the far right column.

I don’t think that’s a mistake. the paragraph above the table says “in any quantity.”

Though, this is, as the box says, not official, and they could have the weight of a normal rule, as that statement is within a blue box. :smiley: