CIM Motor Neutral Gear Setting?

Is there any way to set a CIM motor into a neutral style gear? We’re trying to put our motor into a free spin to release tension for a catapult.

We’re also considering the Sonic Shifter from Andy Mark

There are two gear options - a low and high. We were wondering if we could remove one of the gears for a free spin function.

Also, we’re still considering numerous catapult ideas and wanting any input that you may have - share your ideas!

  • Team 3868

If you’re looking into a dog shifting setup, the WCP PTO add on kit includes the shifting hardware to shift into a gear, or a sprocket/belt. It was designed for mechanisms requiring shifting/releasing, it interfaces into the PTO, or you can put it into a custom gearbox. The WCP DOG is made of stronger 4140 Steel, and is thicker for more strength, and allows the use of a roll pin to prevent shearing the dog screw.

WCP DOG 217-3636

Hopefully this helps

Are you planning to hold the tension by stalling the motor?

Check out this video:

They showed how they used a rachet to prevent the motor from stalling and a dog shifter+pneumatics to release the motor from the axel to allow for freely spinning (for a catapult).

Lots of things I really like about the design of this robot shooter.