CIM motor on 30A

we are using 4 2.5in CIM motors for our drive train and we are going to use a 3in CIM motor for our mechanism to lift other robots and i want to know if I have to put in one more maxi block to run the 3in or if I can just run it of a 30A fuse

motors should be run at the recommended level. no more, no less.:smiley:

not nessicarily true. You can gear the motors to match their performance curves, and in some situations (low torque, High speed) it may be better to gear them to have a max torque at 30 amps. There are no rules against using smaller breakers, because the only side effect for a mistake is a tripped breaker. If I recall correctly in years past pre-2004 there were no 40 amp breakers, cims were run on 30’s and didn’t have a problem.

Depends completely on the application. Last year we had our flywheel running on a 30A breaker during testing, and it never had a problem because it wasn’t drawing much current at all.

depends on the load on the motor. unless it is a high-load situation or you want to switch directions quickly (full fwd -> full rev), the 30A should be fine. Test it, you can always replace it later if you have problems.