CIM Motor polarity question.

I’m opening this thread because I didn’t find any threads that answers my question…

Can I change the polarities of the CIM motors on the Victor? (Not the Victors power source supply, I mean the motors connections).

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Ok, it depends on what you want to do. Most of the time it’s just better to write your program that will allow you to run however you want to run (clockwise or counterclockwise) without having to keep track of the polarities.

My problem is with the CIM Motors, the forward reacts faster than the backwards and on the transmtion - when motors are placed one against the other, thier directions are opposite… That’s why I want to reverse the polarities.

yes, you can swap the wires on the OUTPUT of the victor to make a motor run the other way

but this will not make it run at the same speed in reverse as it will going forwards. You usually need to tweak your SW to get the forward and reverse running motors to run at the same speed.

Thank you, I gonna check it out :slight_smile: