CIM Motor Use Details

<R25> Motors, pumps, and, robot controllers from previous robots may not be used in addition to those provided
in the 2006 kit of parts. They may be used as direct one-to-one SPARE PARTS for those provided if the
provided part fails or is damaged. They may only be used if they are identical to the part being replaced (note
that 2002 and 2003 Fisher-Price motors are not the same as those in the 2006 kit, and, therefore, cannot be

<R43> Specific items allowed include:
Teams may utilize one or two additional small CIM motors (part #FR801-001) in addition to those
provided in the kit of parts. This means that you may use up to four, and no more, small CIM motors on
the robot.

Does this mean that motor with production dates for last year (110704) can be used for this year’s competition?

This is not an official answer but as far as I know, there has been no change to the CIM since 2003 and usage certainly will not increase the performance in any way, so I’d see no reason to disallow use of previous years’ CIM motors because they are identical (as far as I know).

I’ve been looking thru CD for a thread like this, unfortunately it didn’t quite answer it…

Our team made a ball launcher using two CIM’s just like the kit transmission CIM’s, I’ve been trying to find out if it’s legal to use them on this, rather than adding them on the transmissions, I’ve heard so many reasons why we could or could not use the motors, and frankly, I’m trying to find an answer before it’s too late. Any help would be so appreciated, you wouldn’t even know!

Nothing is stopping you from using the CIM motors for use as a ball shooter. In fact, nothing is stopping you from using whatever motor from the KOP that you want for whatever you want, except for physics. :rolleyes:

All right, I’ll see what I can do here. First off, sanddrag, there is a phrase quoted by brandy836:

So, you can’t use it in addition to the ones in the kit. However, you are allowed to use it as a spare.

brandy836, you can use the small CIMs as spares. However, if you are planning on using more than two, I’d be on the safe side and get the two more you can use. I’m not sure if you can use previous years’ motors instead of this year’s extra two, which is what you seem to want to do.

RonStoppable102: It is legal, AS LONG AS you have no more than 4 small CIM motors on your robot total. There is no limit on what motors you can use for what function, other than they have to be on the allowed list.

I’m sorry, but I believe Eric is incorrect. Please see this thread in the official FIRST forum where it states categorically that you can use two of last year’s CIMs in this year’s robot.

It seems that the two rules are conflicting each other but it is important to note that this is the first year that your are allowed to use motors in addition to those provided in the kit, i.e. up to two small CIM motors. As stated in the FIRST Q&A the small Chalupas from 2005 are identical to this year and can be used.

We can use these on our robot:! :eek:

I believe the spelling is supposed to be Chiaphua, though it would be interesting to see how much torque a fried taco outputs :slight_smile:

When these motors first came in the kit, many of us started calling them Chalupa (us old guys can’t learn new languages very well.) and that is the way I will refer to them. To know them is to love them, Chalupas forever.

Believe it or not, when I first heard the company’s name, I thought they were American Indian: “Chippewa”

It took me a long time to actually FIND them because I was misspelling their name. At the time, I was working with Delphi and wanted to use them on a Power Liftgate application. The Delphi gig fell through, but I put Charlie Jost at FIRST in touch with them and the rest is history…

Eventually I discovered that their American name only sounded like the American Indian Tribe but in fact it was an Americanization of 2 Chinese characters: Chia and Phua… …put together, they were “Chiaphua.” Even the guys who worked for the company pronounced their America name as a homonym of “Chippewa.”

Anyway, shortly after they started working with FIRST, they started going by the initials of their full name. Chiaphua Industrial Motors became CIM. Which we FIRSTer often pronounce “Sim.”

It is a long strange trip indeed…

Joe J.

I still call them Chia Pets… Everyone on my team always seems to know which motors I’m referring to… :wink: