CIM Motors

I am sure this is on everyones mind, and I did not find a thread on it when I searched.

  1. Are you allowed to substitute the larger CIM motor for one of the smaller ones. So you would have 4 small ones instead of 2 small ones and 2 big ones? (as of previous years CIM’s were interchangeable with older and newer ones since they were released to FIRST teams in 2002)

  2. Teams wishing to use the large CIM motor as a drive motor, I believe they are allowed to take off the belt assembly considering that isn’t in the motor housing. But that large ridge that was cast onto the motor makes it awkward to mount. Are teams allowed to sand that smooth? (past years motor housing modifications were not allowed)

  3. Are we allowed to add holes for mounting considering the large CIM does not have the additional mounting holes like the smaller CIM does?

Mainly for speculation considering FIRST QA might have a different answer than most of the community thinks.

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<R43> last bullet

Teams may utilize one or two additional small CIM motors (part #FR801-001) in addition to those
provided in the kit of parts. This means that you may use up to four, and no more, small CIM motors on
the robot.

For your other questions, I’m not sure.

Does that mean 4 small CIM’s 2 Large cims?


My Team was wondering if we can substitute small CIM motors from two years ago, or even last year, instead of buying new ones from IFI?

It would save us a considerable amount of time because we could get our drive train together about a week earlier.

Yes the small cims have not changed in the years you are asking about.

So Does this mean instead of getting FP’s this year, you can use up to 4 cims, and those 2 big cims? Am I following this correctly?

no, FPs are included in the kit this year, and we can use all motors in the kit, and two additional “small” CIM motors which were not included in the kit. i’ve gone through the manual pretty well, and haven’t seen anything about substituting one motor for another.

In reading the manual on page 8 of the Tips & Good Practices the following statement is made. " The FR 801-005 CIM motors do not fit directly into the transmission housing, but … For information and details on adapting these motors contact Andy Mark @
I have tried to find this website but it is either down or unavailable. Can anyone provide a glimmer of insight as to what adaptations are available or allowed under the COTS rule?

Thanks and best to everyone in FIRST.

J Price
Team 1163 mentor

That should be

Thank you so much this will save our team a lot of time.

The AndyMark, Inc., Website URL actually is I can’t find anything on there about using the large CIM with the KOP gearbox.

Thank you very much for your assistance. The site is up and I’ll go from there.

AndyMark will be selling these Kit Transmission upgrade kits for Large Mini-Bike Motor. Currently, our site needs a quick repair to fix the link, but it should be up and operating soon.

Parts for this upgrade kit include:
28-tooth 20 dp gear with “D” hole for Mini-Bike Motor
New Motor Mounting Plate
Capture bar to hold motor onto plate
… and associated fasteners and hardware

Price: $28 each

Thank you,
Andy Baker