CIM Press Fit

Anyone out there have a good press fit bore dimension for the CIM motor to press into a gear cluster. (Not that we would be prototyping a gearbox or anything this is for something totally different…:rolleyes:

We tried a few different ones last year and at one point if it is too tight the bearing in the endcap of the motor moves and the motor shaft gets sloppy


Raul (Team 111) posted that he used .001" press this past year on the CIM motors. I do not like to use a press fit because all my gears have had an outside diameter greater than the .75" boss diameter. Pressing on means disassembling the gearbox in order to change the motor.

Have you considered gluing the gears on? With a key and a light slip fit, a liitle bit of loctite would secure the gears and still allow disassembly.