I drafted Banebots’ CIM-U-LATOR so my team (708) could include it on our robot, and we thought we would share it with the general FRC community. Enjoy :slight_smile: (1.1 MB) (1.1 MB)

Would you be willing to export these as STEP files and post those? I can’t open those Inventor files in SW 2011.

Thanks for posting it. We are in the process of order 2 of these units this week.

Absolutely! Here’s a STEP file of the whole assembly. I’m still new to CAD, so tell me if you have any problems with it. (90.7 KB) (90.7 KB)

Imported fine! Just a couple of face repairs needed on one of the parts, but SW took care of this automatically. Thanks for sharing!

One minor question: the Banebots webpage info says that the #10-32 mounting hole pattern on the top of the two plates should form a .75x.75 square when assembled. The dimensions in your model are slightly different. Are your dimensions based off measurements?

Yes, I used the measurements I took of a CIM-U-LATOR we had on hand.

Talks Too Much is now my favorite user on CD. :smiley: