Cimple Gearbox Issues :'(

We’re having an issue with the cimple gearboxes. 1 is sounding smooth but the other 3 have a weird sound (grinding/ jumping noise) These are the trouble shoots we’ve tried:

  1. Added grease
  2. Reassembled
  3. Checked key stock
  4. Tightened nuts and bolts

Still making a noise. If you have the same issues or have any suggestions, please reply. Thank you.

-Team 1811

See if your using the right cim gear because my team was getting the same sound and it turn out to be two problems.

  1. we were using the wrong cim gear

  2. we chip one of the inner gear tooth so it wasn’t meshing right.

after we did all that it sound smooth again.
hope this helps.

I’m not quite sure how to explain this… but here goes…

Look in one of the gearboxes that don’t sound right. On the gears inside the box, you will notice a small raised “flange” on one side of the gear right around the center. That little flange needs to go towards the case of the gearbox to keep it spaced away from the sides. When it is done right, all those flanges should be sitting right against the bearings in the case.

I’m sorry, I don’t know of a better way to explain, and I don’t have pictures to show you…

Good explanation ^^

Or, put another way: One side of the gear is flat, the other side has a lump around the hole. That lump is a spacer as Cecil explained.

I’m confident that will solve the problem. Don’t ask how I know…:yikes:

We had that problem with some tough boxes. Turns out some people can’t read directions. I had to reassembled all four of them. Reading the directions is as important as reading the manual.

We had to take 2 of ours apart and fix this when some of the newer members took them apart to grease them. And by “we”, I mean “I”, so that is how I know…