CIMS vs mini CIMS #2

What would you choose for your robot, a Mini CIM or A normal sized CIM and why?

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See 4-cim vs. 6-mini-cim drivetrains


Beat me to it. Fantastic thread for this conversation.

It is important to note though, OP, are you asking this for drive trains or for another application?

Depends on the application really. For a drivetrains, and specifically for tank drive with 6 or 8 wheel, I think MiniCIMS are the super choice strictly because of increased thermal cooling. That said, it adds more motor controllers. But I think the trade off is more than worth it.

Thanks for feedback :grinning:


We are using one CIM, one MiniCIM, and one NEO per gearbox.

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Iā€™m think mini cims

Just as most have already said, it really depends on the application in which you are using it for. Our team has done a combination of different motors over the years. We usually opt for Cims when it comes to our drive but have done a Cim + MiniCim combo before.

We are using 6 Cims on a 6 Wheeled Design.