How many CIMs can we use on our bot?

We would like to use 6…

Unfortunately you are limited to four (little) cims.

Read the manual…

… especially <R45>.

Are there any alternative ideas?

Could we fit 1 Mini Bike motor on the stock banebot tranny instead of 2 CIM’s?

You probably could with a little alteration of the motor shaft… but I believe the Minibike motors are weaker than the small CIMS.

Your batteries are going to hate you if you use all of the small CIMs and mini-bike CIMs.

Just to confirm: We want to put 2 small CIMS to power our arm and 2 minibike motors to power drivetrain…

The scale will hate you as well…

Yes you can do all of that, if you read the FIRST manual in detail, especially section The Robot. You are allowed four (4) small CIM’s and two (2) large Minibike CIM’s. The manual is a PDF, and PDF’s are searchable.

Utilize the other motors…the FP w/ a BaneBots 42mm gearbox could definitely power an arm. If the torque isn’t enough, then use two (you can have up to two FP motors with whatever gearbox). We are doing this to power our forklift.