CircleTrackerDemo: Servos and Gyros

I’ve been playing around with the CircleTrackerDemo and have managed to get an image feed up on the dashboard. There are two things that I have run into that I am stuck at.

  1. In the code, it constructs a Robot Drive with channels 1 and 2 on the digital sidecar referring to some motor. Are these supposed to be the servos that rotate the camera? I currently have them both as jaguars and have modified the code to get the robot to run on tank drive.

  2. In the updated dashboard, there is a dial that has degrees listed about it. I’m fairly sure that this is relating to the gyro heading. In the Java code, clusters are created that display I/O and other readings to the dashboard. Looking through it, I found nothing (I’m not saying that it isn’t in there and I didn’t recognize it) that would display the gyro heading on the dashboard. How is this done?

There should soon be a white paper on the NI and FIRST web site that will document more of the background behind the sample code. To answer your direct questions, the sample code assumes that the motors are speed controllers for left and right sides of a skid steel robot. I can’t tell you as much about the Java code, but the sample code should also be reading from a gyro and sending some of the camera results and gyro results back to the dashboard.

If you connect the gyro to analog channel one, module one, it should begin working.

Greg McKaskle