Circuit breakers?

Many threads suggest replacing the 20-amp circuit breaker in the Spike leading to our compressor with a 25-amp self-resetting circuit breaker. Does anyone know where to buy these?

Thanks in advance!

I thought you could only use the one-time fuse included with the Spike or a 20A self-reset replacement.

Don’t do it. You’ll have to go to a 20-Amp breaker as soon as the inspectors find you. From <R55>:

 If the compressor is used, the air compressor Spike relay power feed must be protected with a 20A fuse or 20A circuit breaker. No other electrical load can be connected to this breaker.
And <R67>:
The fuse on the Spike relay for the air compressor may be replaced with a 20 Amp Snap- Action circuit breaker.
(emphasis mine)

It’s very possible that I’m just remembering the number wrong.

Either way, do you know where to buy a 20-amp Snap-Action self-resetting circuit breaker? I tried googling it but didn’t really get anywhere.

You can buy extra breakers from IFI Robotics.

Is there a retail vendor for these other than IFI? It’s been a while since I searched, but I feel like I looked for a long time over the off-season to find anybody else who carries them, to no avail.

Use one of the same circuit breakers that you use in the ATC panel for the robot controller, etc. Many were in your Kit of Parts. Conveniently, they fit in the spike as well!

Terminal Supply has the 40A Maxi breakers, as well as the standard ATC ones. Looks like their ATC ones are colored … hmm …