CircuitRunners 1002 Presents: Thomas

Like everyone else, Team 1002 has been extremely busy these past few weeks. Here is our robot “reveal…” We were going to get footage for a reveal video, but canceled meetings due to snow days meant we didn’t have time to make one :confused:

Anyways, presenting our 2015 Recycle Rush robot: Thomas!

Hope you like it!

Drive: 11 fps 8 in. Mecanum Drive

Weight: 115 lbs.

**Primary scoring mechanism: **Hinged forks

Scoring capabilities: Landfill stacks, Feeder stacks, RCs

Stats: 45 sec (without much driver practice) to get stack of 6 plus RC

Full gallery here:

Facebook video of the robot:

We will see everyone at the inaugural Georgia Southern Classic regional and the Smoky Mountains Regional!

Clean looking robot, good luck this season.