Cisco Ip error setup

Warning that must be said. This is in respects to Cisco device setup of the control system.

when following First’s documents on seting up the wireless devices. First has you set up the gaming adaptor… When saving the setting of the new IP address to the game adaptor(robot unit), you will not be able to see it any more. **DO not be alarmed ** This is due to the fact that the DHCP of the 4 port router has a subnet mask and an ip address in another class then the game adaptor. Set the ip address of the Router then renew the computers ehternet to get a new ip address. when this is done you can see all the web pages again. Hope this helps.

Reason is the subnet mask of the default settings on the router is set as such the 10.xx.yy.zz subnet is not visable to the pc anymore through the router.

Alernative is to multi-home the PC’s network adaptor. To do this set a static ip address to then press advance and add another ip address of 10.xx.yy.10 and this will allow a work around to see all the devices with out messing with the subnet mask.

Use a command prompt <start><run> type cmd. use the command ping /? to see if the device is at the address you expect. this is a good troubleshooting tool! Explorer can fool you into falsely showing a cached page. Vista can give trouble with firewalls turned on.

Good luck!