Citrus for Change 2021 - Shirts and Stickers

Citrus Circuits is relaunching our Citrus for Change initiative in 2021 to do our part in supporting LGBTQ+, BLM, AAPI, and mental health communities, as well as raise awareness and fight against discrimination.

Our limited-edition shirts and stickers are on our Spring shop. Here are some examples of the designs:

All proceeds will be donated to the Sacramento LGBT Community Center, the ACLU of Northern California, Asian Americans Advancing Justice, and National Alliance on Mental Illness Yolo County. Please consider sharing and supporting this effort!




I love the new merch. Looks ever better than last year. Great job 1678, you’re doing good work as always.

It looks like this is my routine at this point. I’ve got too many robotics shirts and don’t need more. The first 3 people to message me with their size, style preference, shipping address, and a picture of a cool robot part get a free shirt (or 4 stickers of your choosing).

4/3 Taken :upside_down_face:


Paying it forward from last year, offering 3 stickers to be claimed. Just message me which design you’d like, your shipping address, and a picture of a cute animal (gifs preferred :).

3/3 Claimed- Thanks everyone for the cute pics of pups :blue_heart: Haven’t had a chance to use my photo printer since a robotics event so expect a cute doggo pic with the stickers :wink:


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