Citrus for Change - Shirts and Stickers

On Citrus Circuits, we recognize that discrimination is a prevailing issue today and we condemn all forms of it. To support the LGBTQ+ community and the Black Lives Matter movement, we have designed limited edition apparel and stickers available on Teespring. 100% of the proceeds from all of these products will be donated to the Sacramento LGBT Community Center and the Sacramento chapter of the NAACP. Please consider sharing and supporting this effort as we look towards a better world by living out the Citrus Circuits motto: Educate. Empower. Excel. #blacklivesmatter #pridemonth #thisiscitrus


I already have too many robotics shirts, but I’ll buy some for other people. First three people to PM me a size, style, and shipping address gets it.

Thanks for doing this 1678.

3/3 taken. Enjoy all!


Matt, thanks so much for being awesome and buying some merch for others in the FIRST community! Classy move.

The students on 1678 really did the work, designing the shirts, setting up the teespring shop, social media posts, etc. I just post to Chief (an apt analog to what I do on the team writ large :sweat_smile: )

It’s a privilege to work with so many young adults that want to bring about real change in the world! To everyone who has supported this effort already, thank you!




Some FIRST people get some sweet shirts, a good cause gets a donation, and I don’t have to contribute to the monster that is my t-shirt drawer. Win-win-win.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that teams are more than just their most prominent CD faces :joy:. Updated my post accordingly.


A huge thank you tobyour team for organizing this. I purchased a shirt and a sticker :slight_smile:


We received a number of requests for Youth and Toddler sizes, so we’ve added those options for both the Pride and BLM designs in our storefront:




I just bought one of the shirts and noticed something indicating that they are only available for another two days. Can you confirm this?

Exciting update: The “Citrus for Change” fundraising initiative has raised over $1,000 so far! :tada: :rainbow_flag: :tada: :black_heart: :tada:

We are so grateful and encouraged by the strong support from this community for issues we care about. If you haven’t yet, consider purchasing some shirts/stickers to support the Sacramento LGBT Community Center and the Sacramento chapter of the NAACP. Thanks everyone who has participated already!

We are looking into why the Teespring shop is saying this. Our intention is to keep the limited edition merchandise available for longer than a few more days. In any case, we’d encourage anyone still interested to pick up some merch soon!




Just a heads up, the “Citrus for Change” Teespring shop will be closing up in 24 hours (Noon Pacific July 12th). If you haven’t yet, go snag some Pride/BLM merch and support some great causes.

Thank you to everyone who has participated!



Bought one of each. Thanks Mike and team

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Like BoredomBeThyName, I also have too many FRC Shirts and no room left in my closet, so for
the first person to PM me a size, style, and shipping address, I will buy them one.

Edit: Got a response! thank you 1678 for organizing this!


Thanks @mdurrani834!

1678 y’all did a great job on this and I’m glad I can be part of the community that’s making a positive impact on our world!


I recieved both my shirt and sticker. They are fabulous. Thank you.

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Got my shirts in the mail Friday.
Thanks for putting this together 1678!


Thanks to the amazing support of this community, we raised $1800 in two weeks for the Citrus for Change initiative! Citrus Circuits will be donating $900 to the Sacramento LGBT Center and $900 to the Sacramento chapter of the NAACP.

Citrus Circuits will continue to work with the rest of the FIRST community to be the change we want to see in the world.




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